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May 06 2014

(SPOILER) Trailer for the Agents of SHIELD season finale. 'Beginning of the End' airs next week.

Coulson vs Garrett? I am down with that. Can't believe its season finale time already and that its nearly a year since the show was first picked up.
Yes please Coulson vs Garrett!

But ... Fitz? Simmons? *whimper*
If they want to even try to mantain the suspense, they were never gonna appear on previews of next epiosde. Personally, i give them 99% of being NOT dead.
I'm happy they're maintaining the suspense, unlike the episode where Ward looked like he got shot, but they showed him okay in the preview.
They aren't dead. But they will likely believe they are going to die, which is when Fitz will finally decided to profess his love for Simmons. However, his pronouncement will be cut short by their rescue. I'm afraid the Whedonesque twist will be that Triplet is going to be so glad to see Simmons alive that he kisses her, revealing HIS true feelings for her. Simmons won't resist and it will crush Fitz.

By the way, if Ward IS killed by someone on the team, I hope it's Fitz. Or, if they go redemption and Ward dies trying to SAVE someone on the team, I again hope its Fitz.
Fitz and Simmons will be rescued. What happens in the course of the rescue is anyone's guess.

Anyone else think that Deathlok is going to go Team Coulson and be all explody on Garrett? Thus the weapon bigger then anything?

I think Deathlok is going to die. ***whimper***

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