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May 07 2014

(SPOILER) Discuss Angel & Faith Season 10 #2. Victor Gischler's "Where the River Meets the Sea" arc continues. And there's scheming pixies. That never ends well.

I'm not blown away as yet. The writing and art is not singing in the way last season's opening issues did.

Also, as a Brit, I'm not sure the syntax is quite there in the dialogue. Gischler seems to be adding questions to the end of a lot of characters' sentences (eg 'Used to walk a beat 'round here, didn't I?) which I rarely if ever hear used by my fellow countryfolk.(To be fair, it's a trait they used to write into the characters on the show as well...but it was just as annoying there!)
But there was a Blackadder reference, so that should make up for it.
I have my copy of Angel & Faith # 2,"Where The River Meets The Sea Part II"

As others have said and I said last issue as well,I'm not sure how long keeping Angel and Faith this separated in a Angel & Faith book can work.In the short term it's fine but I don't think it will work for more then a arc or two.Three at most.For now though,it's fine.

I was more into Faith's story this issue.I don't see her staying at Deepscan for long.It's too restrictive I think for Faith but I think much like Buffy last season,Faith is trying to find her way.So for now,it might be what she needs if to only help her learn what she wants.I'm sure this will lead back to London in someway and to working with Angel again.

The final parting with Giles was nice and I'm glad he explained why he is staying with Buffy.But I hope Giles and Faith interact again later in the season as well as I would love to see Giles drop by to see Angel as well.

On the Angel front.This is a great noir detective vibe going on and the darker toned art of Will Conrad works well for it this season.I'n not sure yet what to make of Nadira.Is she going to be a ally or enemy?On the surface,she seems to be an ally but is that really how it will play out.Angel mentions comparing her to Dru but she gives off a Jasmine vibe to me.Or she could be sort of a new Cordelia for Angel.She gives off that scent as well.

It looks like Angel might be getting a new cop ally in this Inspector Brandt.Nice to get backround on Corky before he was a pixie.Laughed at Angel's Corky and Porky line in regards to Corky's muscle Tommy.

Overall a good issue.
I think Faith will stay a member of Deepscan, but will work something out with Kennedy so she can be a special agent who actually handles supernatural threats, rather than babysitting rock stars and whatnot. (Especially since she's probably about to kill her first client.)

She's not going to be spending a lot of time around HQ, I'm sure. I think she'll find her way back to England by the second arc.

I really hope the nature of Deepscan itself will be dealt with at some point. Where did Kennedy get the millions in startup capital to build it into a skyscraper-and-jet-fleet-owning corporation in little more than a year? And what does the name "Deepscan" mean, anyway?

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she's definitely about to get in trouble for botching her first assignment by killing the client, and perhaps for not reading the file...

Kennedy was always rich, remember? Presumably she just bankrolled it herself
I have to join the chorus and agree that this format doesn't really work. This feels like it should been two separate series, an Angel series and a Faith series, and not to different storylines shoe-horned into the same title. Jumping back and forth every three or so pages between to unrelated stories breaks up the rhythm of the reading experience. I'm also not a fan of the transition device where a line of dialog from the next page is dropped into the page that precedes it. It worked in Watchmen, but not here.

And, yes, Kennedy was always rich ("Your house had wings?") so she probably could have fully or partially bankrolled the operation herself. And, coming from a wealthy family, she's also going to have connections and be able to attract investors and clients.
AndrewCrossett, re: your question about what 'Deepscan' means, I think it's just meant to reflect the name of private security contractors like the company formerly known as Blackwater.
Not bad. Wonder why Nadira's bionic side was constructed with built-in boot at the base, instead of a robotic foot, which would be better for walking and balance.
Another good issue. It's a slow burner, but that's fine.

Lots of nice plot points being laid for the future. Is Nadira actually hearing voices, or is she just plain crazy? Will the glassblower turn out to be someone significant or the ravings of a crazy lady?

I like that Angel has a new police contact. All ready he is different to Kate because
A) He is already familiar with the supernatural
B) There will be no sexual tension with Angel. Maybe.

It will be interesting to see where that relationship goes, and how much his going against his superiors will affect his work with Angel.

I wonder how long it will take Angel to trust Brandt? He did seem a little wary of him in the pub. Although he had just been beaten quite badly by a big boar monster so his reticence is understandable.

Loved the Corky and Porky line. Do I smell a spinoff?:-)

The title still suffers a little from the separation of the title characters. I still think it should have been two separate titles. But we'll work with what we have.

Art is still great.
My late review can be read HERE if anyone's interested. Overall, I enjoyed it, but I'm still a bit unsure about the structure. Also, not much really happens in this issue, but it at least feels like setup for some big reveals.
Story here was a little boring. I don't care about Kennedy and friends, and I don't really care about magic town and its evil pixies or hippie Nadira. It's like I'm still totally invested in Angel & Faith, but the stories surrounding them aren't very interesting. Resurrecting Giles and fighting evil Doyle is a tough act to follow.

I don't know, hopefully things pick up next issue, but this issue was a bit boring. The most interesting part of the whole issue was Giles and Faith having their little talk. I really like how Giles views Faith. He recognizes that she is stronger than Buffy in some ways, so he treats her differently. We have seen him indicate this before, but he states it more clearly in this issue

As others have stated, I really miss Angel & Faith being together already only two issues in. It's sad to see Angel completely alone again, and Kennedy is not nearly as interesting a companion for Faith

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