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May 07 2014

Ratings for last night's Agent of SHIELD episode. Now that the final numbers are in, 'Ragtag’ got a 1.9/6 in the 18-49 demo.

Hopefully they put out a media blitz on Samuel J showing up next week and finish the season strong.
I wouldn't worry too much, almost everything was down last night, and it was still the highest in the demo for ABC.
Adjusted up by 0.1 to a 1.9 in the final ratings.
If the show gets renewed for a second season it should happen in the next few days.
I wish they would just announce it already. And yes, I'm whining.
From the talk on this site, I assumed renewal was a foregone conclusion. Is that in doubt?
Squishy, only by those hoping to create drama. It's 99.9999999%
The aspect of a renewal announcement that most interests me at this point is whether it will contain any news regarding the Agent Carter series. But it will also be nice to have the confirmation of another season.
Re: renewal.

It depends on cost to some extent and the mis-perception that there was a belly flop at launch. It should be OK but as of now it
looks like it won't repeat well commercially which is a bad mark. OTOH I expect DVD sales will do better than average which will help.

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S.H.I.E.L.D. also ranked first in the hour with the important male demographics (M18-34 & M18-49) beating The Voice by 40% and NCIS by 56% among young men (18-34). In addition, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. is tied with The Blacklist as this season’s highest rated drama among men aged 18-34.

Given ABC's predominantly female audience this is great news for the show, as is all the money they've been making from international syndication. Financially, I doubt there's any real concern here.

Also, while there hasn't been any news on DVDs yet (not even a projected release date) I suspect we'll hear something on that front soon.

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I wonder what the ratings are among females. I know the thinking is that females don't count to advertisers, because we're all conditioned to buy any old thing being advertised no matter what. Please humor me, because I have a horrendous migraine, so searching is out of the question for me at the moment (and I am on here to distract from the pain). Where would I find info on female viewership ratings?
Costs for season 2 aren't an issue. That stuff is contractually set and is a known quantity from the get go. And no network shows (except maybe BBT) repeat well anymore which is why most networks are trying to go to year round programming. DVD sales will help the studio but this is a network decision and they won't take that into consideration.

Nebula, female viewers matter very much to advertisers. Women make something like 80% of all purchase decisions. Young men is a quadrant where ABC has been weak in the recent past so it is important to them to get those eyeballs back so they can sell to a broader spectrum of advertisers.
My fear at this point isn't that the show will be cancelled, I'm almost certain it will be renewed, but what this means for the Whedons' involvement with the Marvel universe going forward. Yes, I know that Joss isn't running the day-to-day operations, but how much of the shows perceived "failure" will be hoisted upon him?

Furthermore, even if the hammer just comes down on Jed and Mo, will that make Joss less likely to want to be involved in Avengers 3? I really like-- nay-- I love the direction he's taken the movies in, and would like to see him get to finish out the Avengers trilogy. I think as frantic (and often wonderful) as the entirety of the Marvel Movie Universe has been, inviting in different talent to tell different stories, having a stable voice behind the Avengers helps to ground the whole of the universe.

As for the show, I've liked it from the beginning, but the current string of episodes has really made me fall in love with the show. One of my favorite themes in all the Whedonverse, and in fictional literature as well, is the since of betrayal. (Huge H.P. Lovecraft fan, and that was center to his work as well.) Agents... is exploring that in spades, and it's fantastic!

My wish for the production of the show would be for them to bring in Tim Minear, even if it's for little more than to be a mentor to Jed and Mo. (and yes, I know he's already working on AHS). He has a great talent for writing character, and also really knows how to pace an episode; in short, he's got the minutia of mechanics down. Or, that could just be my view...

Anyway, I'm going to stop writing now before this becomes a full-fledged dissertation :P
@crhobbs42-Nothing we've seen as fans hints at any kind of tension between any of the Whedons or Marvel or Disney. They would not want Joss to walk away after all the records Avengers 1 broke and all the money they made from it. And the fact that the Avengers movies are the centerpieces of each Phase of the MCU that has Marvel crushing DC in the live-action movie department are all major reasons to keep they support having Joss working with them.

Something like MoAS hasn't really been done before, having to stand on its own as a TV show but also matter in a large movie universe. The addition of the Netflix shows probably will make this world even larger. If the rumors of Agent Carter are true then Marvel has enough faith in ABC and the network TV format to expand it, plus the reviews of the latter half of the season have mostly been positive.

It'll be interesting to see how they change things in S2 when/if it comes out, and they may be able to speak a bit more freely about the criticism in the next few months after this season ends and before S2 production would start. Plus as a whole ABC isn't the strongest right now so they wouldn't just let a tie to something as big as the MCU fall apart. And while the ratings are slightly down, they more or less leveled off in the back of the season. And network ratings in general (not just ABC) have been on a steady decline for years now so the recent stable ratings may actually help the show.
@IrrationaliTV Let me rephrase something and expand on another.

1) If a show repeated well it would be a big plus but that's not to be expected or assumed in any way. It won't hurt AoS.

2) For some reason I can not figure out, the blogosphere is convinced that the show is Terra Nova expensive*. That show was as
you will remember canceled with similar ratings. Now the show does things for Marvel/Disney that are unique but the decision
lies with a suit or three at ABC so something stupid could happen.

*fwiw I just can't see that its all that expensive.

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JDL, the show may be expensive but the season 2 costs relative to season 1 should not be a surprise at all. That was the point I was trying to get across. I have a hard time believing the show is Terra Nova level expensive though. It doesn't have a dozen non writer producers the way Terra Nova did and it is absurd above-the-line costs that drives up the cost of a show usually not visual effects.
Young men is a quadrant where ABC has been weak in the recent past so it is important to them to get those eyeballs back so they can sell to a broader spectrum of advertisers.

I'm aware of this. I'm just wondering what the proportion of males watching the show is to females.
That data is provided for Nielsen subscribers and is sometimes published in press releases if they are trying to spin something but not generally available to the public. Google is your friend.

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@IrrationaliTV The info on Terra Nova's above the line woes was new and unexpected. I did not even think that was possible tbh.
Which just proves that the old adage to never underestimate the power of human stupidity still holds true.

When I commented on costs for AoS I was thinking about S1 costs and how they relate to S1 revenues for ABC and whether or not
its profitable. I really hadn't given much thought to S2 but I would not expect much to change.
Just a note on Terra Nova - and this is relevant in some other ways - I heard from an insider that the show was all but renewed, and as far as cost vs profit it was doing fine but in the end the decision came down to what other show Fox had in the works and where they could fit those vs Terra Nova in their schedule. So budget isn't the only decision maker apparently.

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Beth, you heard very differently than I did from different insiders. :) My understanding is Terra Nova was the walking dead there toward the end. But things are always spun differently for different audiences.

JDL, I did some (very high level, very sketchy) back of the envelope math and I don't see how AoS isn't profitable for the ABC network on a pure advertising revenue basis. It has to be. And on a ABC studios/Marvel basis the international sales alone pays for the show. Everything else is gravy.

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