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"Remember that sex we were planning to have EVER again?"
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May 07 2014

Neil Patrick Harris is on the new cover of Rolling Stone. (Accompanying picture is NSFW.) From playing hyper-masculine Barney Stinson to transsexual Hedwig, how the onetime child star met himself.

Ah! Wish I could go to the US this year to see him as Hedwig... =/

ALSO: don't really think it's good enough for a new topic, but let me use this one to share something...

HUMANS OF NEW YORK was at the Vogue's Met Gala and posted a nice picture of Neil and David! (accompanied by a lovely story about a time they were driving through Italy)
That's a lotta stovepipe.
Let me guess. The one with the snake.

Okay, not the one with the snake. But oh daddy!

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