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May 07 2014

John August ponders if Joss has "pulled a beyonce". The screenwriter of Go and Big Fish compares the surprise release of In Your Eyes with the surprise release of Beyonce's last album.

Nowhere on the radar? *cough* Ok, I guess we are a little blip in a big universe.
I'm pretty sure Joss Whedon and Beyonce are actually the same person.
Are you saying Ben is Glory?
Its time for Uncle Ben to bid us adieu.
To be fair I think Joss pulled a joss.
For it to be a Beyonce we would have no idea the film was happening at all, we did (well Joss fans did) so nope it is not the same - though it was a pleasant surprise to be able to watch it so soon.
Let's ignore the fact Beyonce did a Dr. Horrible.
I think this writer might be Ted-ding out about this :-|.*

* :-| colon-hyphen-pipes is my new emoticon for "deadpan."
I made a joke on twitter that he was actually taking a page from Jeremy Lalonde's playbook because he released his movie on Vimeo after it was at festivals. (The Untitled Work of Paul Shepard, in case everyone has no clue what I'm talking about.) I guess basically it's silly to say "so and so pulled a so and so" since it's really hard to figure out who really did it first. The only thing about Joss and Beyoncé that is similar (except now that ImmaDeker has pointed it out I've never seen them in the same place at the same time and isn't that interesting?) is that unlike most other artists that release their work directly online all the time is that they're notable so it made news once they did it while everyone else is just, well, everyone else.

I don't much care. I'm just glad I got to see it since I couldn't make it to Tribeca to see it and wasn't sure if it was going to be released anywhere near me.

I'm gonna go read the article now since I really liked Big Fish. It was really adorable.
Actually he seemed to highlight all the reasons why it wasn't "a beyoncé" than give reasons why it was. Whatever. It was a cute read.

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