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May 08 2014

Fox cancels Seth Green's sitcom 'Dads'. 'Surviving Jack' and 'Enlisted' also bit the dust.

Not surprised. It was pretty awful. Sorry for the 2 Seths...but it just wasn't funny.
Fox keeps cancalling things means that sooner rather than later nothing will be on!
I heard it got better after the initial six or so episodes, but I don't have time to watch a show that started out that bad hoping it would eventually become funny.
I liked Enlisted a lot, but Dads seemed unbearable. The show was bad news from the beginning. Almost all critics hated it and were appalled by the stereotyping, racism, misogynist undertones, and the fact that it seemed flat out not funny.
Dads is something Whedonesque cares about? The show is non-sci fi/fantasy and is culturally insensitive very unwhedonesque.
@Tausif-We care about Seth Green, not Dads necessarily (not speaking for everyone of course). I am sad about Enlisted, I liked that show.
Only saw one episode of "Enlisted" because Dean Stockwell was in it. Watched it online because I only caught 10 seconds of the final scene he was in. I enjoyed it, but most likely more due to the "cranky old vets" (including him, Stacy Keach & Barry Bostwick) than the other characters.

I really enjoy "Surviving Jack" - it's a little bit twisted, but has good, clean humor. And Chris Meloni.

Wouldn't even consider "Dads" - that's not my style of humor. I'm rather surprised FOX axed it - isn't that their typical humor mentality?
Enlisted was wonderfully written and acted. It will be missed. The other 2, not so much.
ShadowQuest, Hmm. Family Guy is mean, but I wouldn't say New Girl, The Mindy Project, Brooklyn Nine-Nine etc, are anywhere close to that. FOX live action comedies are quick-witted, heart-on-the-sleeve type deals. The Simpsons isn't even a dark/black comedy. It's a pretty uplifting network, all things considered.
Feel bad for the people involved and fans of the show (which seems to be just Enlisted...) but I tried to watch Dads. It was not...good.
Drat. I really liked Enlisted.
Well, I was kinda hoping to start Enlisted over the summer when I had time. Guess I don't have to worry about the episode count running away from me. I rather liked the idea.

At this point, this is more of an "Aw, no,Enlisted." thread. ;P
Seems like I most of the posters here have the same feelings about Dads that I did. Tried to watch it, it wasn't funny, I won't miss it and I'm not surprised it got cancelled.
Was expecting it actually, sorry Seth.

I watched Enlisted - nothing really excited me about it but I did watch it when I had nothing else. Dads not so much.

But sad about Surviving Jack! I found it evilly funny. His love for his wife vs. his resentment of his kids... :(
From what I heard, "Enlisted" got the "Firefly treatment" - bounced all over the schedule & aired out of order. They aired one episode after the Super Bowl because it had to do with peewee football - one of the Enlisted arranged for an on-field reunion between a little boy & his military father, and then four episodes (or so) later the guy met the mother for the first time. Umm...

Mirage Exactly! Chris Meloni had such a dry delivery when he was disciplining the kids or their friends. Plus...shirtless. Hello.

Smart, witty, funny, non-rude or insulting sitcoms get canned, while inane, repetitive, bathroom-humor shows stay on well past their freshness date. I don't get it. (Yeah, I'm looking at you, 2 1/2 Men. Not very closely, though, 'cause...ya scare me.)

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