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May 08 2014

ABC renews Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and picks up Agent Carter to series. The link also includes the official description for Agent Carter. Sources told the Hollywood Reporter, "Agent Carter will be a short-order series and likely used as a "bridge show" to air during the second season hiatus of Marvel's Agents of SHIELD, with both series ultimately being tied-in together".


I'm hopeful SHIELD will keep the momentum and that Agent Carter will be great. It's so exciting to have a female-led comic book story on TV.
Curious to see if it's true that they will break AOS into two parts, with Carter airing between them.
Oh, Thank God.
Great news. Can't wait for Agent Carter!
And considering the way Shield has been finishing this season, it gives me hope that they've found their stride and next season will be phenomenal.
Woo Hoo! Congratulations to Jed, Mo, and that Josh Sweden character I hear has something to do with this.
A few tweets have come out.

@MoTancharoen: Well hello there Season Two... We're looking forward to it. #AgentsofSHIELD

@ChloeBennet4: WOO HOO! WE GOT PICKED UP! CANT WAIT FOR ANOTHER SEASON OF #marvelsagentsofshield

@ChloeBennet4: Cant wait to spend another year with the family @clarkgregg @MingNa @Lil_Henstridge @IMBrettDalton @MoTancharoen @jedwhedon @josswhedon

@Lil_Henstridge: #AgentsofSHIELD renewed for a second season!!!!!! SO excited and thankful to all you crazy amazing supporters. Bursting!! xxxx

@clarkgregg: Great news for all the fine folks @Marvel and #AgentsofSHIELD Special thanks to all the BAMFS who stood with us....

@IMBrettDalton: Looking to see if there's a second season of @AgentsofSHIELD ahead? We'll guess what? There is!!! It's official.

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Finally. I was beginning to think we wouldn't hear until next Tuesday. This is great news. Congrats to the cast and crew.
Today was a big day for comic book tv series news.The Flash,Constantine and iZombie were announced today. This is the perfect cap to all that.

Jeez,next tv season is going to be great for comic fans.

Agents Of Shield
Agent Carter
Daredevil(Netflix shows)
The Flash

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Glad for everyone involved. The Agent Carter series sounds potentially compelling. I hope they make it darker than the current version of AoS and that they have some really excellent writers with a clear vision and a very strong sense of the relevant history.

I have not seen the Carter short film. Is there a way to do so without buying a whole DVD of Captain America?
This is a fantastic time for comic book fans! I am excited for all of these shows.

The Agent Carter short might be online but it's not on the Captain America blu-ray. It's on the Iron Man 3 blu-ray.

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Very good news!
Now we can watch the finale without fearing it could be the last episode ever!
Now we start the debate: Split Season Sandwich vs. Back to Back!
There is Woo (and Hoo).
Will Fazekas and Butters still run Resurrection? Also the two exec. Producers who wrote the Cap Amer movie script will they be writing producers or they listed because the project is based on a character in their script?
Constantine has David S. Goyer attached please no one watch.
I know that Christopher Marcus and Stephen McFeely wrote the pilot for Agent Carter, so they are at least contributing that. Of course, they're also busy with Cap 3, and I think I read that they're working on something else as well. So their input might be somewhat limited. I don't know anything about Fazekas and Butters though.

I agree with your follow-up post, Tausif, but that's all I can say without flaming.
There might not be that much overlap between Agent Carter and Resurrection. It's likely Resurrection will stay a mid season show (meaning it starts in the spring) and Agent Carter would probably run from December to February (remember, only 13 episodes).
Is SHIELD a full season order? Or is it 13 with an option for a back 9 again?
Good news happy to hear it. That said Chloe's tweet is a little spoilery as it pertains to the possibilities of the finale.

Now I'm really nervous they're gonna take it in a direction I don't want them to go
Congratulations to everyone involved with the show.
PaperSpock, it will likely be for 23 episodes. Starting with 13 and ordering a back 9 is usually only done in the first season. That said, ABC could scale back and give it 13 episodes and Agent Carter 13 episodes and run them both without many breaks (some, like for the holidays, are necessary). That would put the Agent Carter finale around March.
^I guess I'm just used to it being that way since a lot of the shows I watch/have watched are on the bubble (Dollhouse, Chuck, and Community being the ones that come to mind).
I would love to see a split like that. 13 of one, then 13 of another. Also loving that a couple Dollhouse vets are showrunners for Agent Carter.
This is very good news!
I am so happy for both AoS and Agent Carter. Agent Carter is such an important show for the MCU to have, at last a franchise where the main character is female. I can't wait to see who else joins the cast of that one.

As for AoS well despite some people worrying a S2 was always a lock, yes its not reached the heights of the early episodes ratings wise but network TV is in a very dire state right now and the numbers game has change a lot. The demo that AoS get well may not be spectacular but its steady which means a lot these days.
This is great news to wake up to.
Bradley Whitford's current ABC show just got cancelled. He plays Carter's boss in the one-shot. Dare I hope?
I added some extra info from THR to the entry.
Great news. Even if it seemed very likely to happen this is still a relief to hear finally. :)
Did we know Fazekas and Butters were involved?
b!X, Deadline had that a few months ago (leaky leak) when they suggested it would act as a bridge in the middle of SHIELD.
So are we covering Agent Carter since it has Whedonesque showrunners(for that matter...Daredevil - Drew Goddard). I know we have covered Inside and Wonderfalls in the past which had Tim Minear involved but this Marvel stuff is tricky.
I mean, Agent Carter is about establishing SHIELD in the 40s.. That's also a link eddy.
I'm sure Agent Carter will get a mention now and then but not as much as AoS.
Let us bask in this victorious moment! Feel the glory of renewal! Hallelujah! Kidding aside, I am so happy for all of the cast and crew and writers and directors and everyone involved. I am also happy for the fans who like the show, and happy that it will live to be watched and criticized another day.

I love Hayley Atwell and I am excited to see her get her Peggy Carter tv show. She is talented and dare I say, just a little bit on the beautiful side.
Oh my, there's going to be so many shows to watch ^_^
Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.- Maurissa Tancharoen and Jed Whedon (the best eps of Dollhouse)
Agent Carter- Michele Fazekas and Tara Butters (Reaper)
Daredevil- Drew Goddard (Angel/Lost/the best eps of Buffy: S7)
Jessica Jones- Melissa Rosenberg (Dexter)
Arrow- Marc Guggenheim (Eli Stone)
The Flash- Andrew Kreisberg (Eli Stone/Arrow)
Gotham- Bruno Heller (Rome/The Mentalist)
Constantine- Daniel Cerone (Dexter/The Mentalist)
iZombie- Diane Ruggiero (Veronica Mars)
Preacher- Sam Catlin (Breaking Bad)

The quality of writers picked to be showrunners for all these current/upcoming series has me extremely excited for next season. Hats off to the network executives for putting these projects in the best possible position to be worth their effort and our time. Now I'm just hoping that Hannibal gets renewed.

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I have to say I'm glad the show was renewed but I was not at all surprised. Waiting to see if Dollhouse would be renewed or Angel were nail biting moments. But I had no doubt that this show would return for a 2nd season since it first premiered. Now....if the show continues after Joss' contract with Marvel expires in June 2015, thats a whole different situation.
Great news.

And especially great news about Agent Carter! Loved her in the films, and loved the one shot. And Atwell is hot. So there's also that.
So excited and relived that it's all official now. Bring on season 2 of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.!

For those who aren't caught up, here's What We Should Expect from the Agent Carter Series including info on who's involved so far. For those speculating about a "full" season, it's not planned to extend Carter to a full 22-23 episodes, it's designed to be a shorter series.

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Yay!!! TallMichaelJ with respect to Chloe's tweet being spoilery. I believe it only means that someone doesn't have twitter *fingers crossed*
@Valantha: I think this was more about the person that DOES have twitter and is on the opposing team, meaning he PROBABLY won't get what's coming to him in the finale. But eh, the way it's been going I feel it would be a little too "soon" now anyway.
The only reason Iain wasn't included in the tweet is because he has made a conscious decision not to use Twitter. On more than one occasion I've tried to convince him to tweet but he's certain it's not for him. In some ways I can't say I blame him either! social media can be a very scary place.
And the Purple One speaks: double tweet since he's responding to Mo and Jed's dance party.

@josswhedon: THIS is the dance of joy.

@MoTancharoen: misterkarate's video Season Two dance with @Jedwhedon.

I can stop posting tweets. I just figured a lot of people either don't use twitter or can't access twitter at work (because obviously many of you will be posting from work :P)

ETA: on the topic of whether Whedonesque would cover Agent Carter, obviously it's up to the show runners (hee) but I did read that Agent Carter and Agents of SHIELD would be connected so the crossover potential might warrant coverage, even though the show is somewhat tangentially related to the Whedonverse.

eddy, I don't see why it wouldn't continue. They wouldn't be out of a job because he's technically already fulfilled his part of the contract. He was to create and develop an Agents of SHIELD show for ABC, not run it.When Joss' contract with Marvel ends, he'll still be listed as the show creator. He's not running the show; that's Mo, Jed, and Jeff Loeb.

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@D-e-f: Ahhh that makes sense too.

@Beth: I'm relived to hear that's the only reason (which is perfectly understandable, I'm a proud luddite in many aspects of social media as well).
Hooray!!!!!!! And Agent Carter sounds fab!!!!!! What a relief to finally hear! It's kind of stressful following a Whedony show as it airs. I really don't know how many of you survived live watching & debating the Buffy and Angel series.

But yeah for a second season!!!

(And other verse minisqueal on Gillan/Cho pick up, Selfie)
@Valantha - Yeah - it was more a comment about who WAS included in the "can't wait for season 2 w/ my friends" That ol' social media is a double edged sword, great in this day n' age to have access, but my anticipation for the finale is now slightly dampened, and I'm nervous they plan to go a route I reallyreallyreally hope they don't

On the upside a short run Agent Carter could be lots of fun.
Joss has a Marvel movie deal through next 12 months, but that doesn't mean it becomes a factor in renewing the show. Or to put it another way, Dan Harmon got fired from Community but still remained as an exec producer & got paid for it. Even if you leave a show you get credited still at that level. Obviously, I'm not saying Joss wouldn't be involved. If you look up Joss in the dictionary, it probably defines him as "Involved".

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Well the other reason that I don't think the show will have a 3rd season is because I remember a interview when the show started where Jed and Mo said they had a 2 year plan for the show. The series to me feels like its planned between the first and 2nd Avenger films and once that phase is over the series would be over too. If the series lasts longer than all the better.
Even if Joss does not renew his Marvel contract,I don't think that means he can't or won't be involved with Agents Of Shield.All it would mean probably is thagt he wouldn't be involved with helping oversee Phase 3 or writing/directing Avengers 3.I would think he could still be involved in Shield.If anything it probably would free him up to be more involved if he wanted to such as writing and directing more episodes since he wouldn't have to be focused on other Marvel stuff.

I just found out Agent Carter and Arrow have a interesting connection.Marc Guggenheim,one of the showrunners and Executive Producers of Arrow is Tara Butters husband.
eddy, when Agents of SHIELD was pitched it was pitched as a five season story. Two seasons are mapped in some kind of detail.
Wonderful news - I'm excited for both the 2nd Season of AoS and Agent Carter - the one shot was great and Hayley is perfect in that role.
Great news, so excited about this. Sad face however, for Bradley Whitford's "Trophy Wife". I quite enjoyed that one.
I'm happpy. I'm still worried that they're going to kill off my favourite character on tuesday - which would make season 2 suck.
@the ninja report: I really appreciate you posting the tweets, actually!

I didn't realize how much I was waiting for this confirmation until I heaved a gigantic sigh of relief upon seeing this headline. So many good shows! I'm really excited for iZombie, too!
Great news!

To me the split sounds like: 11 episodes for SHIELD September-December before holidays, 13 episodes of Agent Carter January-mid March, 11 episodes of SHIELD late March-May.

How much Whedonesque coverage will the Netflix shows be getting as they draw closer?

I wonder if SHIELD will do two mini arcs in each batch of 11? OUAT did it this year and those writers seem pretty happy with the format. One half was a Peter Pan/Neverland arc and the second half was about The Wicked Witch of the West/Oz.
When you plan any big project that will take a number of years, you always plan the first few years in more detail than later years. It's like building a house. You know you need the foundation and the first floor before you can build the second floor, so you plan out the foundation and first floor in a lot more detail and only worry about the details of the second floor until you're closer to actually starting on it.

So Agents of SHIELD could have a five-year plan, but they won't really need to worry about the details of season three until next year.
I wonder if ABC will announce any more shows, or if this means Fran Kranz's pilot didn't make it.
I'm sad about "Trophy Wife" too. I only watched it every now and then after Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. but it was a lot better than the premise would have suggested. It was very well cast and it sidestepped the usual sexist tropes. Ah well.
Yay! Doing the Sitting-in-Chair of Joy!
What can I say? This is great news! I love the show, and I'm super happy for the whole team involved! Sorry for all the exclamation points, but I'm a happy camper. :)
Ah, this is good news on both counts - I'm really looking forward to another season of AoS, and am very keen on the Agent Carter series too. Yay!
@eddy: No show is ever just planned to go 2 seasons. They all want to hit the magic 100 episode number for syndication. Add this to what gossi said.

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