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May 09 2014

(SPOILER) A new sneak peek from the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. finale. Coulson rounds up his team, Garrett goes Gonzo, and "Flowers" asks a question.

Raina knows that both she and Skye are both more than human. It's been a long, long time since I read this stuff, but I'm getting a shiver that maybe Raina is Mantis.
Ets I mean the Celestial Madonna.

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If I'm digging for clues - Garrett's use of the word "mists" may signify they are Inhumans, as the Terrigen (sp?) mists are used to unlock the individuals latent powers. I think that's the story these days. Also, the use of the word "monster" and "inhuman" would be pretty easy to swap as it relates to the China story. We'll see.

For now I'm too busy working myself up into a tantrum in anticipation of Ward's redemption "we were just kidding kids" finale
Simon its the same clip.
Ta, I've found the YouTube version and changed the link accordingly.
Crazy Garrett is so much fun. I sorta want him to live. He's just too entertaining. And the crazy sends it to the next layer.
Can't wait for my "catch up" marathon this weekend. Sometimes it's fun to binge.
This comments a bit out of left field, (and very comic book geeky) but I'm wondering if the monsters that were looking for baby skye that were mentioned last week were from Wundagore? Raina's comments about evolution reminded me of some of the High Evolutionary's teachings and there's been rumours of skye being Jessica Drew now for a while. (And in the comics that characters complicated origin was tied to that.)

Of course on the other hand Garretts new outlook smacks of the original Captain Marvel's cosmic awareness, so the kree origins may not be out of the question either
Jas, I sure hope so. Wundagore is a link to Jessica Drew (still hoping for her!), as well as Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver. For all we know, they're using the Twins' Wundagore connections to circumvent the "mutant children of Magneto" issue.
Garrett just rocked! We do need to keep him.
Every time I keep reading these terms from the comics relating to the possible alien identity, etc I just think "oh god, please let that not be it because I do not want to hear a person saying this out loud on TV" because it all sounds so incredibly "dumb." Celestial Madonna? Ms. Marvel? I can just about deal with someone being referred to as Captain America but those other two? Oh please no.
Perhaps they would say these as passing jokes, rather than sincerely referring to people as Ms. Marvel, etc.
Arsenal-That never occurred to me about the twins. Doubt they'll go down that route, but yeah it'd be great if they did!

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