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May 10 2014

"The Crazy Ones" canceled by CBS. Sarah Michelle Gellar's comedy is no more.

Not surprising. It was an amusing show but just didn't do well enough.
No surprise. Much as I tried to be interested in it, I routinely forgot that it was on, and usually ended up turning it off in the first few minutes. Talented cast, but the writing and concept were awful.
my husband and i really liked that show :(
Boo. :( But, yeah, no surprise.
Sorry for Sarah, but kind of relieved that she can work on a better project now. I really tried to get into the show, but it never really worked, and that's a shame, 'cause the cast was very good.
Sorry to hear.Wonder if it will get a DVD release.Ringer never did.
I liked this a lot better than Ringer. Basically all the comedies I watch have now been canceled.
Yeah. RIP Community. especially. At least I got one more season with Dan at the helm.
She just seems snake-bit, dang. Granted, I didn't watch beyond the premiere because... I'm just not the target audience, it's a very rare sitcom about which I gave more than zero cares at all.

I would really love for the happy fun people at "Castle" to come up with an episode for her to guest in.
Sad for Sarah... =/
Really wish she could get into a show that does well and stays on for a good while.
R.I.P. More broken up abou Community though :(
Very sad. It varied from week-to-week but there was occasions where I really enjoyed it. And SMG and Robin had great chemistry together. Sad for Sarah and the rest of the cast who were all pretty lovable and appeared to get on really well.
I'm still seriously bummed about Community -- mostly because it kind of blind-sided me. It had been renewed despite terrible ratings for years... it had come creatively back alive after Dan Harmon (fired showrunner) came back... I didn't honestly worry about the show anymore, ascribing to a kind of magical thinking about the show.
I expected that. Sarah is so talented, I didn't think Robin's could ride on her coattails.
Still shocked about Community. Thought my brother was joking when he told me.

Kinda sad about the Crazy Ones. I did dislike it in the beginning but its craziness grew on me - or it got better, dunno which one. Or maybe it's just Brad Garrett's character.
I really enjoyed the humor and tempo of the show. One joke after another from amazing actors. It doesn't happen often that I like a comedy this fast. And now it's gone despite decent ratings. So sad.
Yeah, it truly is more of a victim of circumstance than anything. CBS and 1cam comedy don't play too well.
I really enjoyed The Crazy Ones. The cast was terrific together. My favorite episode was the one where Ashley Tisdale played a spoiled interne and Sydney had to fire her.

I wish the cast and crew all the best in their future endeavours.

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The show grew on me as well. Brad Garrett was a good addition, and it became more of an ensemble show, which was an improvement.
Sorry to see it go.
I will be missing Almost Human more. I really like Karl Urban.
Hey, Karl, Sarah, playing a couple in a haunted house... or something :)

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bleefb - I'm right with you here. I will miss Almost Human too. It had a great cast and Karl Urban was a great lead. It was building mythology too so it was starting to get even more interesting.
Rats. I actually watched that show too...but if I'm honest with myself I probably wouldn't have watched it if SMG wasn't on it.
I'd watch anything she's on. Whenever she's on a show and it gets cancelled I always wonder if it bothers her that she is and always will be Buffy to so many people, myself kinda included.
The fact that BTVS is on my tv right now has nothing to do with it :D
Hope this doesn't mean sarah's new willingness to interact with the public will just disappear. It's almost like she's challenging Eliza for title of "the female Robert Urich."
I actually really liked this show. I liked everyone in the cast and I thought it was funny. Were the ratings that bad?

Although I admit, I stopped watching for a couple of weeks after Sarah's reddit because I was annoyed with her and didn't want to see her. (Spuffy here)
But I got over it and started watching again. It was a good show. I thought they had just enough Robin Williams, not too much, not too little. Good ensemble balance.

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