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May 10 2014

Five questions we want answered on the Agents Of SHIELD season finale. We'll find out if they do get answered in a few days time.

Some resolution of the strange writing Ward discovered in 'Eye Spy' would be nice.

I'm fine if we don't find out any of those things until next season, now that we know there will be one.
1. It'll probably be out in the open once they get out of the box. Whether she returns those feelings is up in the air.

2 90% sure it's Kree.

3. I doubt it would be in the finale because I don't think that actor is in the episode. Maybe S2 though.

4. I wondered this too at first, but I'm pretty sure Ward actually did kill her.

5. I'm going with Inhumans.
Eh, I always assumed the writing on that wall had something to do with the dethlok tech.
Whoa... where was it stated that Skye's parents destroyed the village because they wanted her dead? My immediate assumption is that Skye had been taken from them, was being held in that village, and they wanted her back.
@AndrewCrossett - I agree. That's my thinking as well.
@AndrewCrossett - that was also what I thought.
Chloe Bennet confirmed the alien was a Kree during an interview with Fanboy Comics during this year's Paleyfest.

I'd imagine Skye is at least part Kree given her none reaction to be injected with the alien fluids.

Here's the interview if anyone wants to check it out:
Didn't she say that was her own theory and they hadn't told her yet?
I just want to know who shot Buddy...if we don't hear someone say it I will continue pretending that he survived :)
@lostinthis lalalala can't hear you. Buddy outran the bullet and got taken in by a sweet older woman who then gave him to her veterinarian granddaughter and lived a long life being pampered and spoiled and had puppies with a Golden Retriever named Dawn!

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