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May 10 2014

"Trouble I'm In" from "In Your Eyes" hits download/streaming. The track everyone kept asking about and for has gone up on iTunes, according to the artist. No word on other release points. As seen below, Google Play and Spotify have it, Amazon is on the way.

Huzzah. Thanks for the heads up, b!x. Shame it's only on itunes, but for IYE, I'll bite the poison Apple.

ETA: Score soundtrack and Joss' "Crumblin'" next, please?

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Thanks for the tip! It's also available on Google Play here. For those with the Google Music All-Access subscription, it's available for streaming too.
I just confirmed that it's also on Spotify.
I asked about Amazon availability and they responded that it would be up soon as well.
Available in the iTunes UK store too. Thanks for the heads up, it's a lovely song to listen to on a Sunday morning.
I hope to see this added to Bandcamp and/or CD Baby. (lossless)

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