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May 11 2014

Elizabeth Henstridge on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson. Elizabeth Henstridge talks to Craig about her experience at a Turkish bath. The full episode is also available which contains the full interview.

Wooo she scored a Frisbee! :D
Can't view it, because I have pop-ups blocked, and they want to force ads on me.
Same here. Humph.
Guys, just hop over to youtube! Craig's shows are always there thanks to some fans. Just type in Craig Ferguson and the date or the guests name.
I figured that. There's nothing that doesn't end up there.
I watched it on tv. It was a pretty short interview. She just had time to talk about traveling in Europe and doing some naked stuff.
Interesting to learn she has a very trendy-seeming sense of fashion like her character.

Also it turns out if CBS lets you through the ad blocker blocker, they mention something about how you earn coins for viewing but explains absolutely nothing about what that means.
You Tube was the way to go, though honestly, the interview was nothing special.

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