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May 12 2014

(SPOILER) Another sneak peek at the Agents of SHIELD season finale. Stay with it for the reveal.

It felt a bit intro-to-Cabin-in-the-Woodsy.
Yep. That whole "we are just a company" is so Whedon...
Felt VERY "Cabin" to me. Actually at first I thought it was some type of funny/ironic insurance or phone company ad, then I noticed there was no countdown timer to let me know when preview would start

Love to know what the "incentive" package is ...
Oh my. So that's an office full of people controlling Deathloks? I bet that incentive package is really competitive among evil organizations.
::headtilt:: Huh. Cybertek is Evil Microsoft? I was getting a really big Bill Gates vibe with the "started in my garage" bit.
It did feel very Cabin-In-the-Woodsy. The Cybertek guy even looked a bit like Bradley Whitford. It felt very Joss-like.
Uhuh, the clip is CITW, the manager dude even reminded me of Bradly Whitford.

I love it! Hooray for the evil corporation controlling super powers so they can be on par with true super heroes. And then that raises the issue of the definition of a super hero. This teensy brief, without any of team, has so raised my expectations for s2.

Also, anyone else getting a "did Joss write that?" feeling? I really got it with Garrett's speech to Raina, even more than this CITW moment. In reality, I know that it doesn't matter. Whoever wrote the verbiage for these clips did a great job. But my Joss radar beeped and I was wondering if anyone else had a similar experience.

I may be arriving late to the party here EST USA because husband has a happy hour and I have to get kids to bed. Youngest is too scared to watch. Dang saying goodbye to long time coworkers.
Also, anyone else getting a "did Joss write that?" feeling?

I did/do/am getting. I wonder if he had written the season finale, or at least parts of it, before they made the pilot, especially since it seems a scene that sounds like it would be in the finale was used to audition actors.

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That one where Homer went to work for Hank Scorpio.

-Also, anyone else getting a "did Joss write that?" feeling?- Very much.

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Yes, that was an extremely CitW scene, and that couldn't make me happier. Tequilla is my lady!

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