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May 13 2014

Agents of SHIELD will move to Tuesdays at 9 pm in the fall. ABC believes moving it away from NCIS will boost ratings.

Interesting to note that putting it on at 9 pm will put it against NCIS: Los Angeles, which is no ratings slouch.

This is the relevant part of that article:

A year ago, ABC set up an all-new Tuesday schedule under the mistaken belief that "Marvel's Agents of SHIELD" would be so huge even airing opposite TV's most-watched drama in "NCIS" that it could buoy all the shows after it.

"SHIELD" has been a success, but a more modest one, and has had virtually no impact on the network's other Tuesday shows.

ABC has at least finally blinked and moved "SHIELD" to Tuesdays at 9, against the slightly less potent "NCIS:LA," but they don't seem to have learned the larger lesson, since it'll still be flanked by new shows: rookie sitcoms "Selfie" and "Manhattan Love Story" at 8 and 8:30, respectively, and new drama "Forever" at 10.

I like that it's staying on Tuesday, for nostalgia reasons.
This is a good move.
If Supernatural stays on Tuesdays at 9 (& if it's their last season as my cohorts have speculated) I am going to cry. I don't want to pick which one to watch live. It's already hard enough to watch live with bedtimes for the kids.

But I understand the reasoning. I wish the PTBs could just plan according to MY needs.
"I wish the PTBs could just plan according to MY needs."

Amen! Looks like we're going to have to drop Family SHIELD Night from our household schedule as 10pm is too late for the kids to be up on a schoolnight. Won't somebody think of the children!?
This is why DVRs were invented!
Good! I am generally still busy at 8, and then I have to wait 'til the next day when it shows up for me with Hulu Plus. If it started at 9, I could much more easily watch it live.
Sort of an off-topic thought, but I am curious about Sarah Michelle Gellar's former Ringer hubby Ioan Gruffudd getting a new show that sounds awfully familiar...I'm getting flashbacks to New Amsterdam with Nicolaj Coster-Waldau (Jaime Lannister in Game of Thrones)...immortal law enforcement officer looking for a solution to his immortality while fighting crime.

Don't get me wrong...mighty happy to see him get work, since I was sad that Century City and Ringer got canned, but I'm not sure about ABC recycling material Fox tried and dumped.

Still, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. got renewed and it's only getting moved back an hour - maybe things will get a tad more dark dark in S2? - even if the show's gone from competing with NCIS (which I love) to NCIS:LA (which I like very much) ;D
I also hope the timeslot signals a darker tone for the show like the episodes since Captain America have been. Obviously I don't want dark and gritty for the sake of it but I like the balance of tension, woes and humour last week's episode had for example.
Last year, NCIS was the biggest hit on TV. This year, it was 19% about the scripted average on CBS. That's still good, but it is far from a monster hit. I think CBS is also a little happy Agents of Shield is moving.
I've also got a conflict with Supernatural, assuming it doesn't move. I could stay up for it on another channel, but that would mean going to bed at 1:00 in the morning. Or hoping some other CTV region will play SHIELD at 10:00, so I can watch it right after the Winchesters. I can record one of them but that means it probably won't be watched until the weekend, and even then it's dicey because I also like Once Upon A Time on Sundays and my absolute obsession Orphan Black on Saturdays in the spring.

"I wish the PTBs could just plan according to MY needs." Me too! The one drawback of this Golden Age of TV!
Supernatural is still on??? Not a knock against the show.
But I honestly thought it had been gone for 2 or 3 years. Shows how out of touch I am.
It also explains why Jared hasn't gotten himself back to Stars Hollow
and gotten busy with Rory.
The move works for me fine so far.
Oh yeah Supernatural is still on! I still mostly enjoy the show. Some canon has been pulverized but for a 9 year old show, it's still fun.

There is talk among the fans that with next year being the 10th season that it could be the series end. Who knows though?

I'm also curious what Kripke and Edlund will do now that Revolution was canceled. I doubt that Kripke would come back as show ep but I'm not stopping myself from pondering.

It could be an interesting season for Supernatural.... in the same time slot as AofS, sniff.
It also explains why Jared hasn't gotten himself back to Stars Hollow
and gotten busy with Rory.

I think Rory is too busy getting busy with Connor/Pete Campbell . . .
A Whedon show in peril? Must be Tuesday.
I stopped watching Supernatural this season, because it really feels palid after watching AoS, plus without Ben Edlund's brilliant writing, it's walking dead.

I'm happy about the show switching to 9 p.m. It makes it easier to watch it uninterrupted my household.
Eh, not to start s--t, but did not the original creators of Supernaturl say season 5 was the end, and have refused to have anything to do with it since? (Also, season 10? I'm old)
This is gonna suck for me. I wont be able to live cap it with y'all, which I've had a ball doing, but things are in the way. :/
Are you talking about the fall, roddikinathome, or tonight? If it's tonight, you'll be missed, but if it's in the fall, who cares? 😈

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"but if it's in the fall, who cares?"

Fall. And I care because the recaps are too much fun.
CBS moved NCIS: Los Angeles to Monday nights. So, SHIELD will be up against the new spin-off NCIS: New Orleans. I'm feeling positive about SHIELD's ratings next season with the positive buzz the second half of this season brought, the later start time and fewer breaks between episodes.

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