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May 13 2014

The LA Times: "Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. is a true television marvel". Some interesting commentary on how the show is breaking new ground by developing story lines that support the Marvel film narratives while also standing alone.

The recent articles coming out now are such a complete contrast to the beginning of the season.
They're just really late to the party, Cap.
I think it's been too long since we've had Whedon TV that the concept of slow and steady progress seems foreign. I personally loved the series since the pilot but I understood critical concerns voiced by fans and reviewers alike.
I hope that season 2 will give them more consistency now that they aren't treading water. They should be able to progress in telling independent stories that link to the MCU without the filler material.
"Friday Night Lights" is the most oft-quoted example of a TV show outshining the film on which it was based.

Really? Not in my circles!
This is why it was worth hanging on through some of the early episodes. A Whedon show is a slow-burn till you get to the last 1/3 of a season, and then it becomes an inferno.
I thought Buffy was the most quoted example of a TV show outshining the film on which it was based?
Please pretty please could someone remind me of how to watch this online tomorrow? There was a lot of discussion about it last week - which I didn't bookmark. And now I cannot watch the finale when it airs.

I know I can buy from Amazon or whatever, but someone mentioned a free site.
There is no legal way to watch it free online the day it airs. Only illegal pirate sites where you can steal the content. It will be up on hulu and at at some point for free.
I don't think I hallucinated this exchange - and indeed, no! I have no intention of watching on an illegal site. It would be tomorrow - and if I have to, I'll pay. Cannot access ABC - no cable - and am not a Hulu + member. But I thought I saw a legit link ...
Is the show on iTunes after it airs? maybe?
A lot of the pirate streaming sites look like they might be legit but they aren't. Hulu or are the only legal ways that I know of. There are of course many different places to watch it legally for a couple bucks the next day.

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Could be - in which case I'll buy it if that's my only option (would rather give money to Not Jeff Bezos).

... Let me Google that for you, self. Yes, iTunes will have it!

ETA - I'm going to miss hanging out with all y'all tonight.

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I guess I'm on the minority here but, while I agree that the show has gotten better, it's still pretty far from great.

People keep saying Whedon shows aren't good from the start but Firefly was perfect right out of the gate and, while Buffy season one wasn't its best, it still had a lot to like even in earlier episodes.

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Well, legality depends on the country you are on. If it airs on your country and downloading free content from certain sites is illegal in your region, im sure it will be on your regions itunes or the ABC main site if you are not region blocked.

Sorry to hear that, Ricardo. Maybe season two will convince you more. :)

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You will be missed, javelina!

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