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May 13 2014

(SPOILER) Jeff Bell and Jeff Loeb discuss the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. season finale and beyond. "I think there’s an opportunity for us to make season two wholly its own rather than just a continuation of season one."

The main link goes to EW and there are similar interviews at: MTV, CBR, and TVGuide.

I can't believe we have to wait 4 months. This is going to be agonising. I'm so sad about Fitz, what's gonna happen? :( :(
There are similar interviews with Bell and Loeb at Comic Book Resources and MTV
I am very sad about Fitz. But there had to be a tangible reminder why Ward could never be wholly forgiven. Poor Fitz is it, I think.
Oh and yet another interview this time with Mo and Jed over at BuzzFeed
Fitz has to be okay, right? ...right? :( I think there has to be a pre-emptive "Save Fitz" campaign.
I want to start a "give Fitz a monkey" campaign. :)
Man, the Fitz .gif in the BuzzFeed article has convinced me I need to rewatch the episode.
You know, when Fitz was in Koenig's interrogation and Koenig asked him what would be in the box on the desert island, I thought he would say "monkey." But he was smart. He said "Simmons" and she said "TARDIS" so they'd both get off the island.

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