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"Go Quest."
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May 14 2014

Buffy as Peanuts characters. Awesome. Especially number 3.

I think I love the Restless one even more. These are terrific.
Where's the 'Restless' one? I'm only seeing 'Seeing Red,' 'Becoming Pt2,' 'Hush,' 'Tabula Rasa,' and 'The Gift'.
The "Restless" one is the "family reunion scene" thingie
The "Restless" one is the "family reunion scene" thingie

If you mean #4, then I agree with hpgwbtvs, that's "Tabula Rasa". Surely you recognize Randy.
No, actually, I didn't. Thanks.
"HDOONS" should really be "hdoous".
"HDOONS" should really be "hdoous".

Oooooooooh! Now I get it!
Buffy: You're Dawn.

Dawn: [looks down] Or 'Umad'.

'hdoous' is Snoopy if you view the word upside-down.
Oh man, I read that as Buffy 'vs' Peanuts characters, and was rather excited over the idea!
"Becoming Pt.2" is the one for me. Heartbreaking.
The only one I didn't like was "The Gift". It shows Buffy being kicked off the platform rather than jumping. Kind of invalidates the whole title of the episode.

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