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May 14 2014

Ratings for the Agents of SHIELD season finale. Now that the final ratings are in, 'Beginning of the End' got a 2.0/7 in the 18-49 demo.

Was hoping for something a little higher, but boy if the show doesn't have a consistency to it ratings-wise.
Consistency is marketable, right? I'm pretty sure the folks tuning on are sticking with it for the long haul. I do think that a marathon of sorts should air prior to the Fall premiere, maybe on a subsidiary channel.
Since the show has already been renewed, we shouldn't be concerned with finale ratings. A lot will change next year with a new timeslot. I also expect ABC to heavily market re-runs over the summer, and maybe they'll try to quickly get them on Netflix in order to encourage new viewers to join in next year. I'm pretty optimistic about the show's future beyond next season, but let's see what happens in the fall.
SuperScuba, it would be a great marketing move to quickly get the whole season up on a subscription streaming site like netflix or Amazon Prime. A lot of shows get big bumps for S2 with that strategy.
Up to 2.0 in finals 18-49.

I hope they re-run the whole season during the summer and put it up on a subscription-based or on-demand service like Netflix. There's actually a great chance the ratings will improve next year with decidedly less competition in the new timeslot and a smart structure in the schedule shared with Agent Carter. Moreover, the word of mouth about AoS is pretty good right now, and that's a key factor.
I hope for a kick-ass blu-ray release sometime before season 2's premiere. I'd definitely sit some people down to watch those, and then each of them would tell two friends, etc.

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