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"Can I make a suggestion that doesn't involve violence, or is this the wrong crowd?"
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May 14 2014

SHIELD: Five things that worked. Nice article on Huffington Post, along with a list of "hopefuls" for next season.

I agree with most of that. Also, as far as new team members, I love Trip but I already consider him a team member. I think for whatever period of time Fitz is out of the picture, we need a techy person who doesn't get along with Simmons, for whatever reason. Internal conflict will automatically make the team more interesting, and can affect external conflicts that come and go. If Fitz comes back quickly, maybe even make it Fitz with a (possibly temporary) traumatic personality change?
Ohmygod Katee Sackhoff. Yes, please. That would be amazeballs.
Don't agree at all with this. I love Raina. By this I mean she's a fascinating actress and character. I don't LOVE her because she's a bad guy, but she's a great bad guy. Intriguing.

I liked Trip well enough but if they were bringing him on for a triangle with Fitz and Simmons, no thanks. So sick of freaking triangles on TV.

I definitely want more Deathlok. Hoping we get that.
I'd love to see Jason Dohring on the show in some capacity. He makes every character he plays, he could really stir things up among the rest of the group.
Yes to Jason Dohring, no to Katee Sackhoff. (Underated & Overated IMHO.)
I do quite like the actress who plays Raina. One things for sure though, they're going to have a heck of a search to replace Bill Paxton. I like how he went out, but I will miss his craziness. Brought quite a lot of life to the show.
I'm not sure how I feel about Trip yet. He feels a bit generic. And I too could do without a triangle there. It'd remind me a bit of Gunn, Fred & Wesley circa Angel season 3. And I see enough triangles on Arrow! ;)
And as much as I enjoyed the twists to Ward, I sometimes wonder if they went too far in making him such a stone cold killer. I miss him on the team, but after what he's done can't see any way for that to re-occur, no matter how mixed up his background might be..
Hope they get to have more appearances from Maria Hill. Deathlok I'm a bit burned out on. Maybe just for the occasional guest appearance once or twice a season. But if you have him more often than that, you run the danger of him becoming like Castiel was on Supernatural fro a while. Y'know like always showing up for convenient rescues and the like.. just occured to me that maybe Adam Baldwin could be a good replacement for Bill Paxton in the role of a reoccuring nemesis. I could see him having a lot of fun bringing the craziness to the show!
Season Two Tweaks (Free of Charge)

AMP IT UP: For a show based on the Marvel universe it's fairly reserved. We have Coulson (Stoic w/ Dry) May (Stoic w/ Scowl)Ward (Stoic w/ Bland) Fitzsimmons (Ultra Polite) All of them have had their emotional moments for sure, but their default setting is all fairly unassuming. The crew could use a live wire or two in order to up the pulse

GO BIG OR DONT: If you're gonna do a Deathlok, then he's gotta be a huge, impressive, SFX marvel that wows. If you don't have the budget for that ... fine. Then don't do a Deathlok. Do something cheaper, like a ninja or something. Or a super monkey. Point is if the dollars or timelines to polish SFX prohibit awesome, write around it rather than look tacky

GET TO THE POINT: Build next season around 2 arcs - one for first half (maybe Skye reveal) and another for the second (Coulson goes nuts) The gently paced seeding of Season 1, with the rush to wrap most of it up in an episode diluted the impact. It didn't hit me upon viewing, but as someone mentioned earlier - we waited 22 episodes to get to the bottom of the Coulson Conspiracy, which was populated with many a grim tiding, only to have it disappear over 30 seconds of dialogue, while still processing the other 12 things that just happened?

DON'T FORGET TO LAUGH: Hallmark of any Whedon show is it's ability to mix the tears and the laughter. I thought the show went through a drought a couple episodes in, to near the CAtWS reveal where they consciously avoided being LOL funny - maybe to prove their bonafides to fandom that they were taking it seriously. Either way funny (not campy) is always welcome

There you go - just tell Jed n' Mo' it's on the house. Spend the savings on recurring Patton Oswalt appearnces
I'm not sure we'll get a Skye reveal for a while. If I recall correctly, the way Joss had Firefly plotted out, the reveal about River wasn't going to happen till the end of Season 2. I'm OK with a long arc over this. I am a very patient person, and that often pays off.

I'm thinking they may be going for a quadrangle between Fitz, Simmons, Skye, and Trip, but where Simmons and Skye have eyes for each other. None of them is going to live happily ever after with each other, though, because it's a Mutant Enemy production. Also, someone else mentioned the possibility of Skye being betrothed at birth to some other outerworldly being, so there could be that. Or not.

Who would I like to see on the show? Alan Tudyk, the entire cast of Dollhouse, Gina Torres, some dynamic older women who don't look 30, and my son. 😷
OK - one of the big things that worked for me was May's fight with Ward. She stapled gunned his feet to the ground! I was amazed! Usually fight scences don't get me too excited but that fight was great (IMO). I too like the Raina character/actress and disagree with the article's author, I also think Ward became very interesting once he became a bad guy and I disagree with the author and feel the actor is doing a good job. I like agent Triplet too.

Of course I will miss Bill Paxton ( although I loved his death!). I hope they continue to get other actors of his level in as big bads.
Something just occurred to me. If the alien was Kree, and as people have speculated Coulson is becoming the film/tv equivalent of Captain Marvel. It would kind of give a whole new meaning to the title. i.e (Captain) Marvel's Agents of SHIELD. ;)
I agreed with most of it. As TallMichaelJ said, the show suffers from a lot of stoic and bland. The show just needs to be bigger and more cinematic.

I would like more adventures off the bus, but so far, most of these adventures have been replacing the bus with a nondescript office building or bunker or warehouse, and that's really boring too. I'm just perplexed by how little they can do with the money they're given, since I've seen shows that probably have just as much money but can do far more with it.

I'd like Michael Ealy on the show but he'd steal every scene. That man has Presence, with a capital P.

I don't remotely get Simmons and Skye subtext at all. Maybe I'm just terrible at reading between the lines. I'm rooting for Simmons and Triplett, with a large side of "My Best Friend is in a Coma While I Make Googly Eyes" guilt.

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