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May 14 2014

Jed Whedon and Maurissa Tancharoen on the highs and lows of SHIELD's first season. BuzzFeed's exclusive interview with our favourite Agents of SHIELD.

Let’s turn toward the finale. First of all, I lost my mind when Garrett ripped out that guy’s rib and then stabbed him with it.

MT: As twisted as that sounds, that has been something I’ve wanted to get on screen for a while and am so happy it landed at 8 o’clock on ABC.

Laughing so hard at this. To think they worked on freaking Spartacus! And THIS is where that ends up.
I noticed that at the bottom of the interview, it says that the show will run at 9:00 next season. That could give them more freedom to do disturbing things.
The interviewer mentions the kisses in the tank scene as a sign of hope. For me, that was the most heartbreaking part. She's just kissing him on the cheeks. Fitz has to be thinking, "Is she going to give me a real kiss? Will I finally get that one romantic moment with her before I die?" Then it doesn't happen. She loves him as a friend, but that's all she has to give him.
That's a lot of kisses for a friend. She's not in love with him, but I think they're considering the possibility. But of course, they made sure their relationship would change completely, and probably for the worse. I expect her to go all motherly on him.
You cant read anything based on those kisses. Its a desperate act of affection in an extreme situation. She isnt trying to tell him anything. Could go either way. We´ll have to wait.

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Yeah, I was talking to a friend and she felt so bad for Fitz for the kisses and I didn't get that at all. I think I preferred that than if she just kissed him on the mouth because I don't think it was the right moment? I mean... I look at it three ways 1) she doesn't feel the same, sees him just as a friend 2) she doesn't really feel the same yet, but has considered it (I bet on this) or 3) she does feel the same but still didn't think it was the right moment.

I mean... "hey, I love you too! Let me kiss you... Now you're gonna die, so bye."

I thought the desperate "no, no, no!" and kissing him like that was actually beautiful, it showed (to me) how grateful she was that he loved her so much he was willing to die so she could live, and that she loves him too (regardless of what kind of love that is).

It's hard to say, I guess, but I don't really know what would feel worse... To die knowing you did what you could to save the one you love, or to die doing that, but just finding out she loves you too so you basically missed out on being with her before... I kinda feel option one is a bit better? I don't know, I may be overthinking this.
Low point for me is Brett Dalton. *ascending pitch* He delivers every line...*pause* *descending pitch* exactly the same way.

Actually, I have a lot of problems with the show, but that is the main bug bear.
So that was maybe blood on the arms of Skye's parent? It looked like red fur to me.
I hope Maurissa gets to write many more grisly deaths. Love love loved the murder by rib scene.
I hope they leave the writing to actual writers.
@Butler I may have a quibble here and there with the writing but you give off a vibe of incompetence that I just can't agree with. YMMV but if it does your odometer's busted.
@barboo, I thought it was blood, but others have seen it as red skin, or red fur. I guess we'll find out next season!

As to the FitzSimmons situation...I think Simmons isn't romantically interested in Fitz, but (depending on what his actual condition will be) this could change in a 'I didn't realise until he was gone' way. Or as Ragondux says, it'll be a motherly love (as opposed to the sisterly feelings she has now.)

Of course, I'm on board the Skimmons ship, so I'm slightly biased.
Omg. No one on Earth would give deep sexy kisses in that situation. It was a good scene. There was no distinction to be made. Human relations are beyond 'shipping'.

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I agree that it wouldn't happen in reality. My perception was based on what I think would be going though Fitz's head. I think the extra show of affection would just make things even more painful.
@JDL. Some people can play basketball, but that does not mean they should be in the NBA. I think Jed and Maurissa are great musicians. I love the music that they have done for Joss's shows. BUT, in terms of writing for Joss's shows, I think Joss gave them too much inclusion.
I think they've done enough good writing, especially on a non-Joss show, to prove they're actual writers. OTOH, it was their first time as showrunners, so maybe we can forgive some less-than-perfect choices here and there.
I hope they leave the writing to actual writers.

Let's keep the criticisms constructive, please.
@Sunfire. My apologies for any misunderstanding. My intention was to be constructive.

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