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May 15 2014

Neil Patrick Harris' future at CBS. NPH discusses why he is not interested in hosting a late night talk show and that a weekly variety series maybe in his future.

Hmm, whatw as the last *broadcast* weekly variety show that did at all well? Three Girls Three? And the last time a prime-time variety show of any kind did very well on basic cable, since we are ina post-network age now? The Statler Brothers?

That said, if *anyone* around can pull it off, it's Neil!
NBC is airing Maya Rudolph's variety show special on May 19. If it's successful, NBC might make more of them.
Harris responded that it still has the repetition problem, and in the later time slot “now you’re just getting bitter that nobody’s watching it.

Haha Perfect!

One could argue that SNL has been a successful variety show for decades.

[ edited by Xane on 2014-05-15 15:28 ]
Xane: Very true but it's out of prime time, which was the argument I was constructing.

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