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May 15 2014

"Joss Whedon's Names: The Deeper Meanings" - out now. This book is written by the author of "Buffy and the Heroine's Journey".

Interested to see if this turns out as solid "whedonalysis" or as triviata. could easily go either way, regardless of the author's intentions or even qualifications.
This looks fascinating. It could well be a case of analysis beyond the bounds of reason, but with such an interesting angle I'm not sure that would matter. I love that there's someone out there finding this meaningful and worthy of study.
I glanced at a preview page and read the Buffy entry. I find it weird that the author failed to connect "Buffy" with the "Buffy coat":

Seems like a pretty glaring omission given the connection between Buffy and blood. Instead, the entry mostly focuses on the connection between "Buffy" and Elizabeth (which I don't think Joss ever intended).
Wow. I think that's obscure enough that I doubt that Joss had it in mind when he picked the name "Buffy". I think he was just going for the mindless California girl stereotype represented in the name. But the coincidence of Buffy's name being connected to blood is awesome and proof that Joss has super powers.
I am familiar with the buffy coat layer in blood but the connection did not occur to me. I think it is merely coincidence, but an interesting connection nonetheless. Good catch, libradude.

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