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May 15 2014

"In Your Eyes" thanks fans by sending a few surprises in the mail. AKA Joss Whedon’s reverse Kickstarter campaign.

That is just too cool! Love it!

I do feel sad now that I haven't seen it yet... I was/am saving for this weekend, actually, after most of the shows I watch would have ended their season and I would have nothing to watch.

But yeah, super cool! As if we needed more reasons to love Joss!
How wonderful! The film itself was reward enough for streaming it, but this is lovey. Or diabolically clever. But mostly, probably, lovely.
Hmm. I wonder how we could get something like, well, any of these for the CSTS Global auction.
That's really, really awesome. But it also makes me just a little bit greedy and I don't know what to think of that. :P

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"This is very Whedonesque."

I'd just like to clarify that this is not the case here. We don't give gifts to our posters . Sorry.

I am, however, very impressed that the production team are doing this. It's a nice unexpected thing to do.
@simon, when I read that I assumed that they meant that sending out random gifts to watchers was a very Joss Whedon thing to do.
Did any posters here maybe receive something? A cactus?

This is very cool and I feel just a little greedy too.
I received a personalised email / voice message from Nikki Reed (Donna)!
I'd just like to clarify that this is not the case here. We don't give gifts to our posters .

But I've been waiting all these years!
I'm still waiting for my Whedonesque membership kit - complete with a welcome email from The Boss himself, an official embossed membership card, signed photos from Whedonverse castmembers, etc....

But seriously, this is awesome. I wasn't one of the lucky streamers, but I'm happy for those that received one of these gifts. Must have made their year! Nice to know that we, as fans, are appreciated. I also hope this means that the movie has been fairly successful streaming through Vimeo. I know I enjoyed it and am looking forward to the DVD release.
It's like winning the Joss lottery.
Watching Joss's work is winning the Joss lottery.
Hey, Joss, I want an Apple TV.

This reminded me that I need to watch the movie but the video keeps skipping. Really wish I had a way to download it. Not happy about this.
I received a cast-signed poster, awhile back now. I'm gifting it to PDX Browncoats for this year's CSTS raffle or whatever.
Shiny! Glad folks that I fake know got stuff.

And maybe some new fans were created. :-)
I have to admit I am a bit jealous of the guy who didn't even watch the movie, and then got something in the mail.
It is so sweet that Joss & Co. are doing this. We received a cast-signed poster; it came in the mail yesterday! Hopefully this will cause a social media stir, and some more people will go watch the film.
I don't know how to watch Vmio. And my television is old and does not do wifi and my computer screen is small and I do not like to watch things on it. I would rather wait for DVDs. But if someone sent me a TV that received streaming video I would watch it now.
Watching it streamed was definitely frustrating. It was nice that I could get it via my blu-ray, but a couple of times, it froze, and forced me to start all over again (which really sucked 2/3 through the movie), because there was no (1) stopping to resume later (which really sucked when I went to lower the volume, and hit 'stop' by accident instead); (2) skip scene option that worked; skip back to try to nudge it along.

At any rate, nice to know some of the people we "fake know" are among the lucky recipients.
Finally watched it and LOVED IT!

I'm trying to figure out how to describe it and I think the word that comes to my mind is delicate. I love how they constructed this story, turning a crazy concept into a beautifully weird and touching movie. Just seconds after the first conversation between the two main characters, I was sold! I was invested in them! It was just... beautiful!
I finally got around to watching this today after being reminded by this thread and loved it too, so thanks Sunfire for posting this on here! :D

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