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May 16 2014

Jose Molina joins Agent Carter as writer. The former Firefly scribe tweeted about his involvement.

No word from Marvel yet.

The tweet is:

It's official! This fall will find me writing on Marvel's Agent Carter on ABC. I couldn't be more psyched! #marvel #agentcarter

Awesome! Love to see some of the regulars come into the fold. We're still waiting for you, David Fury.
Good news! I wish I kept up a spreadsheet of what writers are under contract to what studios. Pretty sure David Fury is under contract at 20th just like Tim Minear.
Ah, gotcha. Well it was nice to see his name on the first episode of the new 24 (12?), but it would be nicer to see it on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
This is good news. I hope they can wrangle more Mutant Enemy writers for both shows.
This is great to hear. I think it was on the commentary for "Trash" that Joss when on for several minutes gushing about how great Jose Molina is at constructing the narrative framework for a plot.

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