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May 16 2014

James Marsters will be "Team Spike" for all of eternity. Buzzfeed chat to James about Buffy, Spike, Dragon Warriors and Ghost of the Robot.

The whole "Team Angel" and "Team Spike" thing is so ridiculous, and it is demeaning to Buffy. Buffy is no Bella Swan, whose biggest empowerment decision was based on which boy she wanted to date.
She's not but Twilight essentially capitalized on the same thing (which South Park actually brilliantly skewered). It drove so much of the fandom that it was both good and bad. Bad in that it really removed the agency from Buffy to a large degree, as if because person X had these traits she couldn't help but feel one way about him in the view of fans. That often extended into often viewing Spike and Angel with no nuance and without every being viewed in context. Good in the sense that it really helped the show's cult following be passionate.

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