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May 16 2014

View the trailer for Anthony Stewart Head's new Syfy show, Dominion. has the trailer for "Dominion", starring Anthony Stewart Head and Chris Egan, premieres June 19 on SyFy.

I am definitely going to try because of ASH's involvement. I hope he truly is a "regular" and also hope that Syfy gives it a chance.
Region locked, ahem.
I think it looks awesome. Can't wait! I'll try anything that ASH is in.
Gosh... Dominion looks great and I'll certainly be watching, but... I think I'm even more excited for Ascension after watching that trailer.
I watched "School Reunion" (for the fourth or fifth time) again tonight and was wondering if his new character is going to be as creepy as Mr. Finch was. 'cause...damn.

Does SciFi put episodes up on their site fairly shortly after they air?
Oh, I hope this show is good. The last show from Syfy to strike a nerve with me was Warehouse 13, and it seems fitting that ASH should get a role with gravitas in this series, as he recently portrayed a Big Bad in WH13.
This is supposedly based on the film 'Legion'. Did anyone see that? I vaguely recall it being released, but never saw it and don't remember if it was supposed to be any good.

The trailer looked a little silly, but it could be an enjoyable silly. I thought Ascension looked much more my cup of tea.

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