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March 17 2004

Buffy/Angel Convention this weekend in New Jersey. Just a reminder, there's a Buffy/Angel Convention this weekend in New Jersey.

Sat. & Sun. MARCH 20 - 21, 2004
Crowne Plaza Meadowlands
Two Harmon Plaza, Secaucus, NJ

NICHOLAS BRENDON (Xander of Buffy - Saturday)
STEPHANIE ROMANOV (Angel's Lilah Morgan - Sunday)
IYARI LIMON (Kennedy of Buffy - Saturday)
ROBIA LaMORTE (Jenny of Buffy - Sunday)
ROBIN ATKIN DOWNES (Machida of Buffy episode "Reptile Boy" - Sat. & Sun.)

Ok, OT to the extreme, but am I going crazy or wasn't there an MT article up? Did Mods take it down? Just curious, cuz I thought I posted in it, but I could be going insane....
Rogue Slayer, you are not crazy -- there was an MT article up. It must have been pulled, maybe because it was was from last year around the time BtVS ended.

I want to go to this NJ convention, damnit. But I cannot. I've never been to one. They sound like fun.
It was taken down so you're not going insane. Further correspondence on this matter to be taken up with admins via email.
i used to notknow what to wear

danger, diabolique
im out of cigaretees.
i lik e firefly
I won't post another thread instead I'll let the west coasters know not to forget BTVS/ATS convention hitting there coast next weekend is the Grand Slam in Pasadena, CA being put on by the same company that is doing this coming weekend convention in NJ and many cast members from both BTVS & ATS in attendance on Sunday including a Buffy/Angel Breakfast with the guest from the show.

At the Sheraton Hotel’s Justine Room with tentative celebrity visitors ANDY HALLETT, MERCEDES McNAB, ROBIA LA MORTE, IYARI LIMON, MARK LUTZ, JAMES LEARY and JULIE BENZ. Sold out! Thanks! Please no autographs, but bring your still camera!

Then the panel is at 4:40: Living In The Angel and Buffy Universe: ANDY HALLETT, MERCEDES McNAB, ROBIA LaMORTE, IYARI LIMON, MARK LUTZ, JAMES LEARY and JULIE BENZ. Followed at 6:30pm by the autograph/photo sessions.

For those interested on Saturday in her own time slot - 12:15: GINA TORRES Firefly’s Zoe, featured in “24,” Matrix sequels, Dark Angel, Angel & more!

She may appear at the auction/luncheon slated for 11:30am Saturday with another sci-fi / jossverse alumni Armin Shimerman.

One other note of interest on Saturday: 4:15: SYNTHESIS ENTERTAINMENT's KEVIN BURNS and JON JASHNI preview‚ their new LOST IN SPACE TV project for The WB. Work is based in part on the ground breaking Irwin Allen series of the sixties! Special surprise guest SHEILA ALLEN, widow of the legendary Irwin Allen.

If you can make it and spare a few hours and a few bucks turn out and show your support to Andy and Mercedes for their terrific job this season.
kus, are you drunk? Don't post crap, ok?
Damn...I'm only 4 hours away from Secaucus...and I grew up in Jersey, so I could have combined an event like this with visits, etc...hell, maybe one day...

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