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May 16 2014

10 most bizarre things In Buffy The Vampire Slayer Season 8 and 9. A "collection of weird and bizarre moments from Buffy Seasons 8 & 9" allegedly proving that "just because you can do anything...doesn't necessarily mean you should."

Oh my god. I'm not clicking through all that. Awful.
I agree that some of this was bizarre, but the show was almost equally bizarre if you think about it. Buffy was turned into a rat, robots like Ted, April and the Buffybot are life-like, time speeding up for everyone except Buffy, the time-loop conundrum, all of Cordelia's pregnancies, and the numerous times people were brought back to life. When I was watching the show as it aired I never questioned the weirdness (most likely because I was young and didn't have internet access), but as someone who loves the show, reads the Buffyverse comics, and comics by DC and Marvel, you tend to have a great ability to suspend belief. Unless they completely screw with some basic science (like how the Buffy-bot was able to produce antigens to get a positive pregnancy test) I'm happy, much like Willow or Buffy are when they watch a decent documentary on witches or a kung fu movie.
It seems that they forgot the most bizarre thing out of season 8 - that whole sex stuff with Angel, really guys it didn't make the list ?

I don't agree with at least half of the list anyway.
Stelian -- that did get a mention, and they admitted they might have buried the lead. (...Lede? Lead? Where's Giles when you need him?)

These lists have the odd effect on me of making me want to read the comics just to figure out what the heck is going on, and also making me not want to read them at all. I am increasingly happy to draw the line at "Chosen" and Buffy's smile.
Woops, my bad then.

Actually, season 8 left fans mixed but I thought it was kinda awesome. It has some great character moments and all, if you just forget about the bizarreness of some situations.
Generally from what I've seen among fandom reaction S8 was alright until about halfway through when it started getting too far from the show's worldbuilding and then it went off the rails in a lot of ways.

In S9 the Angel & Faith book is at least decent to most fans, if not loved because several people had problems with how they followed up on Angel's character from the controversy of S8. But it still felt fairly close to the shows and the writer and artist have taken over the Buffy S10 book now.

The Spike mini had good characterization but was a two issue story stretched to 5 issues. (The writer took over the Angel & Faith book for S10).

Depending on how you view Willow's character arc is S7, her "Wonderland" mini is either redundant or something you've been waiting since S7 to see.

The S9 Buffy book in general isn't well-liked. It is boring for a long time, it takes Buffy's heart away but not intentionally like in Season 6, the lack of connection between the characters from the show, Buffy deflects criticism for her mistakes in S8 and never really thinks about where she went wrong, the villains are dull and lack meaning for the Scoobies, several people had issues with how they brought Billy into the Scoobies and Illyria's characterization was way off.

S10 has just started but both Buffy and A & F seem to be pretty strong so far.
I would go with those summations Dusk (although I didn't read the Spike/Willow minis.) I enjoyed S8 enough, but the second half was lacking and Angel's involvement was ridiculous. But that was nothing compared to what happened in S9.

I loved the acknowledgement by Whedon of what went wrong with S8 as well as the little epilogue that appeared just before it, so I was really looking forward to S9. The first few issues weren't too bad either, but from the robot reveal to the end was just a mess. I won't agree with those that say the robot belittles what came before, but it was certainly a far less compelling development. Then you also had Xander's betrayal, which was out of character and had little fall out (unless there is more to come.)

Only read the opening issue of S10, but I have liked what I've seen so far. The inclusion of young Giles is definitely added spice that the series needs.
I can see where you are coming from Vandelay. The robot reveal was rushed, and to me what came before was too much of a PSA they wanted to get out there by only minimally mentioning Buffy's other options. I like my Buffyverse less preachy IMO.

The one thing S9 had decent set-up for was Xander's turn, but having it be the starting point for a long-term downward spiral does not work because all he did was he told the bad guys where a door was. Willow, Anya, S8-Buffy, Faith, even Ripper did a lot more damage in the past then S9 Xander. Although I am somewhat interested in what is going on in Xander's head now. Nick is co-writing some of the current arc so that should be interesting.
I started season 8, then realized I was never going to pick it up again because it didn't really resemble the show I loved. There were lots of great things (Andrew leads slayers!) but overall, I thought it was too different.
They do try to put a positive spin on the weird stuff.

I tried to describe the end of season eight to a Buffy friend who has no interest in reading comics - she thought I was kidding.
redeem147-Was it Nikki Stafford?
This is a weird list. It basically doesnīt like every major storyline of the comics. Pretty pointless then, especially when you donīt have Mecha-Dawn on your list.
I disagree with every point and that happens rarely.
Yeah, out of context it's all quite ridiculous. In context, Season 8 in particular was pretty damned awesome, even after Buffy had turned into "superman" (it's not like anyone reading this should have even spared a thought that it was more than temporary, however it would be explained). It didn't go off the rails until the mask came off... or rather, what followed immediately after, in terms of both calesthenics and exposition. Season 8 where the enemy was a masked superpowered, very hypocritical megalomaniac leading a worldwide movement to obliterate the supernatural > Season 8 after that is revealed to be a red herring. There's your big shortcoming, when the red herring is an inarticulably more riveting story than the actual plot.

Don't get me started on uneven Xander writing -- first in Season 8 when the last arc really seemed to be building toward him really turning the plot on its head in some way (scenes with Dawn, scene with general) only to... not do that at all; then the set up for his betrayal which turned out to have been pretty ineffectual in every sense of the world, and not reaaaaaally justified in the plot in terms of his specific moment of decision.

Season 9 I can't make many apologies for, it just goes permanently in the bottom half of "season" discussions, like an odd numbered "Star Trek" movie. Season 9 is "Star Trek V" basically, without the whimsy. "What does God need with a zompire?"

Agree that having a list of "Weird Things from comic continuation" that doesn't include Mecha-Dawn vs. Giant Dawn in Tokyo seems... poorly researched.
This is from the article, in the section on Dawn Dawn soon turns into a centaur, though not before going on a Toho-esque rampage through Tokyo and fighting a mecha-version of herself (yes, really)." I think it's all pretty fair, and I had to push myself to start season 9.

And no, Dusk, it wasn't Nikki. :)

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I recall doing an early 80s cast for the show itself, pretty much predictable - Michelle PFeiffer as Buffy, Demi Moore as Cordy, PEter Davidson as Giles, don't recall my other picks but they were equally uninspired.

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