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May 16 2014

QMX preview 1/6 scale Malcolm Reynolds figure , online as well as at Dallas Comic Con. He's the first in a range of realistic Firefly figures.

Thanks to The Fwoosh for the link.

Now that is one cunning figure. A must buy!
That Mal looks amazing! I can't wait to see the rest of the crew.
Looks fantastic, costs more than my house payment.
Yeah, I can't spend that much money on a doll ; ] but it is a remarkable likeness. I've never seen a figure that good. The face is uncanny.
Yeah, that's a lotta coin. Especially if you get the whole crew! But it is tempting to save up.

I wonder how the upcoming 6" Legacy line from Funko will fair, likeness-wise.
Oh this is so tempting! I have the entire Sideshow Buffy/Angel 1/6 scale collection and I always said that I wished they had done Firefly. Mal looks amazing!! Are they planning on doing all the characters? Super pricey though! Sideshows figures were $40 or so if I recall.
*stares @Flanatic oddly*

Uh . . . no. Sideshow figures are NOT $40. None produced in the last decade, at any rate, not in 1:6 scale, film-accurate sculpt and paint. Mal here? This is a pretty average price point for such a toy.

And I might add, the work they've done here is STELLAR! Up to Hot Toys quality, and they're the unquestionable, unrivaled leaders of the 12" figure industry. So, kudos QMx! Cannot afford this under ANY realistic circumstances, but kudos nonetheless. If I won the lottery? Totally a "SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY" situation. I can only hope Funko's 6" line is HALF as good as this! (. . . Get it?)
Well Batman, I thought perhaps I was remembering wrong what I paid so I did a search and found an old review and I was right. They say under the price: "Sideshow's suggested retail of $40 each".
Out of curiosity I went and looked at Sideshow's current offerings and the quality looks much improved since I bought all my Buffy figures so I can understand the price difference of today compared to back then. Also, that was like ten years ago.
Yep. In 2004. Like I said, decade. Inflation, man. When did we get old, eh? I remember watching The Train Job when it first AIRED . . . .

Same site, now:

Heh, that's my favorite toy review site . . . I check it three times a week.

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