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May 18 2014

Whedonverse comics boost Dark Horse sales. Despite losing the rights to Star Wars, Whedonverse comics like Serenity and Buffy are giving the publisher a sizable boost.

Good for DH. As much a the Buffyverse comics have messed up, the Last Airbender titles prove they are capable of pulling off a continuation from TV that feels right. Last Airbender is a show that can be enjoyed and speak to both kids and adults, similar to how Buffy did for some teenagers and adults. And some of the original fans of both shows are parents themselves now and their is some sharing between the generations from what I have read elsewhere online.
I don't really agree that the Buffyverse comics have 'messed up.' They're not the shows by any means, but they're still quite enjoyable to me.
I don't mean to say they are completely horrible but their have been several moments where they've strayed too far from the shows or done something too "out there" with the characters. The spacefrack is No. 1 obviously but their are other instances. S10 seems strong so far but in S8 and S9 there were long periods where they've been off the mark IMO.
I think when you look at the sales figures at the very beginning of Season 8, and look at them now, you have to conclude that the comics messed up.
I myself am one of those disillusioned fans. I was so excited when the comics were announced. But as a Spike fan I gradually felt unwelcome at the comic's party.
I am in a wait and see holding pattern now, but I'm sure there are many Spike fans who moved on completely.
Firefly only had half a season on the air... so many stories for Firefly that never had a chance to be told. The few that have been published do well for Dark Horse.

In contrast, Buffy and Angel had a total of twelve seasons on the air, plus going on three more seasons in the comics. It seems the writers struggle to come up with good plots and character development at this point, although the Angel and Faith stories have been well done. Perhaps they're running out of ideas of where to take the stories.

Why not retire the Buffy and Angel series after season 10 - even temporarily - and give us the seven seasons of Firefly we never got to have?
"I think when you look at the sales figures at the very beginning of Season 8, and look at them now, you have to conclude that the comics messed up."

I don't think you should judge the success of a cult work like Buffy/Angel by sales figures. That is generally the point of 'cult' status- a small but devoted fanbase.

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