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May 18 2014

Vintage Casting: A 1970's Buffy the Vampire Slayer movie. This is great. Who wouldn't want to see Kurt Russell play Xander?

Now I'm sad a 1970s Buffy doesn't actually exist.
This is so much more fun than the modern recasting lists. Someone needs to invent a time machine ... or, failing that, someone needs to draw a 70s-style movie poster featuring these actors. :-)
In the world where we have Broadchurch turned into Gracepoint, mostly recast except for Tennant. It reminds me of the heyday of local Buffy fandom 12-13 years ago, I remember it was a common occasional subject, who we'd cast if there was a local (in this case Brasil) remake of Buffy. I remember it being a funny subject.

This hypothetical list, reminds me of those.
This is actually a really good list.

Peter Cushing as Giles is particularly brilliant, and 70's Kurt Russell would be a perfect Xander.
I love every pick on this list. At least, I love the actors I'm familiar with. The moment he mentioned Kurt Russel I thought of The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes, which I thought was great when I was a kid.
What, no Lindsay Wagner?
Scraggles, Lindsay Wagner could be Jenny Calender.
i would watch that!
And back around '71 n Cushing still was youngish enough to do the physical stuff involved.

The Master is tricky, and Corman couldn't've afforded Rod Steiger (who'd be too Method for such a character anyway; no sane person would want to take the Master home!) or Telly Savalas (who'd've been great except for the accent which he couldn't lose.) The character alwys reminded me a bit of Theo Marcuse (and Mark is old enough that he might've channelled some of that actor) but, as evil and dangerous as his roles alwys were, they were also always weaklings at heart (Gorin on Star Trek, the Commandant of Devils Island on The Wild Wild wEst,) and the Master was no weakling.
Hair color aside, I think Morgan Fairchild would make a better Cordelia and Olivia Hussy would be a better Darla, so I'd switch them. This cast would have been fun to watch.
No one else has a reservation about Susan Dey? I actually like her, but she would definitely be the weak link in the main cast as far as acting ability.
Reservations about Susan Dey? Seriously? Have you forgotten LA Law?

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