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May 18 2014

Ten years of not fading away. It's been a decade since Angel left our screens.

I've got about 6 episodes left in my first run through this series. I think it's my favorite program covered on this site.
Reading this as I'm coincidentally watching "Smile Time."

Joss's second most successful show, yet it's overlooked far too often.
"Not Fade Away" is such an appropriate title. Ten years later, and it hasn't.
How can it be that long ago? I miss it still.
Ten years! I feel old.
Also, I vividly remember watching it on tv and crying like a baby, while my sister and cousins made fun of me.
Just this week I started reading the "After the Fall" comics. I've enjoyed them so far -- especially the Illyria bits.
We generally require a more substantial link than a Wikipedia link. So in honor of the anniversary I've changed the link to a retrospective review.
Thanks Sunfire - I thought the occasion warranted a mention but I wasn't quite sure what to use as a link since it's not technically "news" :)
I can't believe it's been 10 years.

Angel is my favourite show and my favourite fictional character. I use the term fictional lightly because over the years these characters have become like real people to me.

I was heartbroken when the show was cancelled, and I took part in many SaveAngel campaigns. We thought it would work. But it ended in an alley on a rainy night.

But it didn't end. These characters and this world couldn't fade away and over the last 10 years. Angel and friends have appeared in over 100 issues of comics. Thanks to IDW and Dark Horse the characters didn't fade away and they are still in our hearts.

While we have lost many beloved friends (Wesley, Cordelia, Fred, Doyle), their memory continues on and we have at least another 2 and a half years left with the vampire with a soul (more if we get a season 11...or 12!). I know my heart will be broken again when the comics finish...but the character will endure.

I am in the middle of a major rewatch at the moment (I'm at the end of Season 2), but tonight I will move forward in the timeline and watch that final aired episode...and while I will mourn what could have been, I will be proud and happy at what we had.
10 years what was i doing then?
Angel was my gateway drug into all things Whedon, and it remains my favourite of his projects.
It was sad to see it go, but what a way to go. Still one of the best endings ever. That is not a cliffhanger, that is a mission statement.
I always have problems with reviewers who write as though the comics didn't even exist. Not accepting them in headcanon is one thing, but just playign off one's idea sof the final scene sorry. (and no, I didn't read it all.)

The Harmony paragraph had nothiing flat-out incorrect, but it lacked internal lgoic.

I agree that Wesley was deliebrately fighting at less than his best. He's always been the firearms expert in the Buffyverse, so why didn't he ahve one in his jacket pocket. When Vail picked him up to strangle him would've been the eprfect moment.
This fact makes me feel so very old.
Had only vague awareness it was even a thing when it aired, and from the odd passing commercial no interest in checking it out. After being introduced to Buffy on Netflix, I thought I'd give it a try ...

Connected to it much faster than Buffy, only Firefly ever hooked me faster - really think the more noir aspects appealed to me, along with the looming end of times thread. Plus, I've spent a lot of my career working with lawyers, so I could relate :)
DaddyCatAlso: This is an article about the TV show. The comics may be canon in the Buffy/Angel universe, but if you look at just the TV show, that's different. The show was left open ended. They decided to follow up with a different media, but that doesn't have to take away from the show unless people refuse to let others have that powerful moment remain.
Tumnus: True; it's just I'm the kind who's very fussy about small phrases like "never know" *grin.
It doesn't seem like ten years, then I think about how long I've been watching Bones, and how many shows I've seen with J as a lawyer, and I guess it is.

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