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May 19 2014

Buffy will be the next 'Starting Point' for Dark Horse. Issue 8 of Season 10 will be the place for new readers to jump on board. The wrap-around cover for the issue is certainly very Halloweeny.

Awesome cover. And yay - a Hallowe'en episode!
Errr, what's a starting point ? I read a bunch of articles but never really got what it is.
The idea is that this issue would be a good starting point for new readers.
So... is this going to be some sort of "clip show" issue that explains everything that's happened before?

That's the problem where your comic series is a continuous story rather than self-contained arcs that revert to "Batman on the rooftop waiting for the next Bat Signal" after every 6 issues. After the first arc or so it's too late for new readers to jump in, so sales tend to steadily decline as some readers drop off and no new ones are added.

I don't really see that there's any cure for that in a "season-based" structure like Buffy has, though.
I rally like that cvoer.
I wonder if that cover means Buffy will actually be going up against Cthulhu?
Marvel often slaps a big #1 onto a comic, even though it's actual issue number is much higher. I find it doesn't make a lick of difference if you have been reading since the beginning, since the characters have still grown and are in the same positions they were in the last issue. It'll be super cool if this does bring in new people though. Man, the back catalogue they will have... :)
@AndrewCrossett I doubt that it's going to be this kind of issue - or at least, I hope not. Since Gage said that the second arc is going to be several stand-alone stories I'm betting on a comic quite easy to understand for newcomers.

Awesome cover by the way, even if I'm not sure it's from Steve Morris.
Not fond of the cover but I do like the idea of helping new readers jump into a series.

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