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May 19 2014

Watch a clip from "Lost River" starring Iain De Caestecker and Christina Hendricks. Formerly titled, "How to Catch a Monster," the film is showing at Cannes right now.

I'm intrigued! Looks weird, but good! And with Iain, Christina Hendricks and Matt Smith, I'll definitely watch it, if I have the chance.
Okay that looks extremely weird. But it gives Fitz something to do while recovering from his injuries on AoM. And with Saffron on board, no less.

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The new title is so much less cool.
That's a lot of weird in one clip.
Has anyone seen the series The Fades with Iain? That was also a lot of weird. This might top it though. Maybe.
I've had the "LOOK at my muscles" running through my head all day. Such a weird way of repeating it.
Was unaware this was Ryan Gosling's writing and directing debut. Probably worth a look just for the cast and get my oddness quotient taken care of for the week

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