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May 19 2014

The Whedon Threeway - a new Dark Horse #1 for $1. Dark Horse announced that the first issue of Buffy: Season 10, Angel & Faith, and Serenity: Leaves on the Wind will be collected together for a $1. There's new Georges Jeanty cover art for it as well. Joss, by all accounts, suggested the title.

That's an awesome title, and quite a deal for 3 books. The cover is beautiful but I'm a little uncomfortable with how close Buffy and Willow are to Caleb. I love that all the firefly characters on the cover are played by actors that have also been on Buffy or Angel.
Nice deal, but the cover's definitely not new : it's just some lazy photoshop job. Too bad, some REAL cover art would've been cool.
Low on detail.
I love the cover. It's re-used art, sure, but with new coloring making it more vibrant than Jeanty's usual work. Not exactly lazy, just cost/time saving.

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