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May 20 2014

The one complaint Joss had about the first draft of the Guardians of the Galaxy script. According to James Gunn, "Joss said, 'I wish there was more James Gunn in this script.'" The rest of the article is semi-spoilerish for the movie.

The more Gunn in the script, the better.
For some reason this reminds me of the discussion that went on this thread from last week, including the topic about the Marvel movies lacking the filmmaker identity or signature.
I think the Marvel movies accomplish two things in a way that reminds me very much of serialized television. They tell stories that are true to the character within a consistent universe, while still allowing the director/writer an amount of leeway / signature in how they tell the story. The two Captain America movies, and to a lesser extent IMO, the two Thor movies are very different in tone while still being of the same universe ... in the same way a Joss written episode of Buffy would be different than a Jane E. written episode.

I think the same will be true here - the Marvel cornerstones (humor, epic action, part of bigger puzzle inferences) will be there - but from the trailers alone, which to date have featured a bird flipping hero, a crotch grabbing raccoon, and an admin "a-hole" utterance .... I'd say this is clearly a Gunn stamped movie
Even if people don't know these characters, it seems it will be enjoyable. While I have some reservations about Gunn's worker (or maybe it's just about Gunn, himself), it does tend to be entertaining.
It makes my heart so glad to read that Joss and Marvel insisted that James Gunn add all of his weirdness to it. The weirder this movie is, the better it'll be. I loved the new trailer.
Definitely looking forward to this. Gunn, like Joss, was a talented guy who deserved a shot at the big time.
The weirder and the more Gunn-ier the better.
"But unlike Iron Man, Thor and Captain America, Star-Lord and pals are far from household names."

For non comic-readers, Thor was far from being a household name when his first solo film debuted.
I'd say Thor, Iron-Man and Captain America were characters that almost everyone was at least dimly aware of.

I think of it as the mom test. My mom has never read comics and doesn't watch cartoons, but she knows Superman's secret identity, so that's common knowledge. I feel confident that most of America knows that. For Thor, she may not know anything about the character, but she's at least heard of the original myths that he's based on.

That level of awareness has value. If everyone in America is at least slightly aware of a property, they might pay a little more attention to the commercials. That's important with so many other movies flooding into theaters every summer. Making an Underdog movie doesn't guarantee asses in seats, but it does give slightly better odds than if they'd used a property people haven't heard of.

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I think at this point what the executives are banking on is that the Marvel Cinematic Universe is becoming a household name. I imagine as August gets closer we'll see a lot of ads that begin with the tag line "From the studio that brought you ....."

I hope the movie is huge for a variety of reasons - the executives put trust in Joss to deliver, I'd like Gunn to get his due, I like this cosmic corner of the Marvel universe, and I'm a fan anytime a tent pole movie shows a little personality
I was slightly aware of Captain America 10 years ago, had never heard of Iron Man and knew there was a comic book Thor but found the concept ridiculous. I saw Avengers 10 times in the theater. Story is all that matters. An enormous marketing machine and really pretty actors don't hurt. :)

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