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May 20 2014

The Whedonverse Character Index. "This index lists all named, credited characters that appeared in canonical TV series, films, and comics created by Joss Whedon. Also listed are the episodes in which the characters appeared, and, where applicable, the names of the actors who portrayed them."

We know that "Bad Horse" was played by Dobber.
But we don't know the name of the rat that played "Amy"?
What kind of half-baked obsession is this?
[Edit: misread RobynH's post and totally missed the obvious sarcasm!]

There may be a couple of things missing from the comics (other appearances of puppet Angel, for instance) but this is certainly thorough.

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Aha: I see that one actor played "Ben" while another one played "Glory". That settles a nagging question that I've had in my mind all these years, as to whether there was possibly some relation between the two characters. I would have sworn it was something.
Wait. Are you suggesting that Ben... and Glory...

Anyway, this is my index. Thanks!
Dang! Stunningly thorough!
Edit: I was confused about the Epitaphs, but I figured it out.

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