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May 21 2014

(SPOILER) Discuss Buffy Season 10 #3. This marks Nick Brendon's writing debut.

Another solid issue. I'm not sure how I feel about Xander being under Dracula's thrall again. Am I the only one who is feeling like Xander and Dawn's relationship is mirroring Buffy and Riley's in season 5? The artwork was awesome, and the characters interactions were spot on.
Xander is doing the same thing he did after season 7 (see: Tales of the Vampires: Antique). Reacting to the feeling that he's losing control of his life by literally giving up control of his life to Dracula.

I really like the way this season is going so far. It feels like the TV show in a way that the Buffy story hasn't since... while, the TV show. I'm actually glad that seasons 8 and 9 expanded the playing field like they did, but I'm also glad to see us getting back to basics for a while, with the Scoobies being the Scoobies.
The entire issue gave me the warm fuzzies, especially the Buffy/Willow conversation! ("Jerk""RIGHT?", HUGZ!). I'm so happy to have everyone together again. It feels more like the show than ever and I can't wait for more!
I enjoyed it, it is written well enough, the voicing is good, the art is good (although I really wish RI would alter Spike's hairline which was never squared off like that, a small niggle but a constant irritation for me) but my problem with the Buffy title over the Angel one is that it is mostly (so far!) reasonably predictable. It could just be because the pace is slow at the moment but it feels like a lack of intrigue to me. I raised the idea of writing in the book when it was first shown that it was blank then writing appeared in it, so although I would have expected it to be mentioned at some point it isn't surprising. I therefore presumed that Dracula would try to steal it being evil/soulless and arrogant and was somewhat dumbfounded that they didn't predict that risk. I think the solicitations are also being too detailed as they did in fact mention the aspects of the ending of this issue in the solicit for the next so most of it, minus Xander's thrall detailing, was already known.

The unexpected idea that there is a degree of will involved in how Drac got his powers, why Billy was accepted and how/why the new vamps have additional abilities was (so it seems I suppose it could develop more) really openly laid out. Again it is interesting enough but not intriguing, if that makes sense. I'm not sure I like the idea that this is what Drac did though outside of the new magic and that really it is but a matter of having enough will because anything could be swept under that rug if they chose to. Although, the idea that there could be a spell behind what is currently happening does have some intrigue to it.

Finding out Xander was still being controlled wasn't a 'wow' bit of writing but it did work nicely against Buffy/Willow talking about all being together again, even with awareness of the problems with Dawn/Xander. The implication between that and what Dracula said about mind control showing Xander's current vulnerability was likely making him open to Drac's control is interesting. I find it jarrs slightly against him/Dawn making moves to start to talk about things on and off unless Xander is assuming a split is coming (which he could well be by his statement that she doesn't love him) and this is his way of avoiding facing that.

I am disliking the visual addition of the claws now that they are being repeatedly used on Spike in game face because it is a new addition and I think if it was supposed to be a 'new' addition it would have been commented on (Spike would realise that he is suddenly slashing at everyone all the time). Others noticed Spike's eyes are red too though, so perhaps considering the new vamps have red eyes it has to do with the changes/new magic??

It was good, it just feels like it is too lacking in layers for me at the moment although the interactions between the characters are good it is all a little surface level. I am still really waiting for it to kick off a bit more.

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Funny, touching, action-y, surprising and then OW right in the feels. Like an episode of Buffy oughtta be, at least sometimes. :)
That was an incredibly funny issue. And was that Dawn glowing towards the end?
I'm not seeing Dawn glowing in any of the panels during Dracula's attack, which one are you referring to Simon?
I love Dracula. So much. I love that the lesson he took out of losing his powers was not to trust Orientals. And I love that Giles has no patience for him.

But... but... do you guys really think Dawn and Xander are really done for!? They are my only ship! They have a BEAUTIFUL love!
A miraculous love!
I really laughed at the interaction between Dracula and Andrew. What a perfect match.
The turn from cooperating with Dracula and fighting with him happened too quickly for me to get. It was too sudden and I was kind of on Dracula's side!
Dracula looked great, most of the characters did, still hoping for Spike improvement.
It was a mostly funny issue, I enjoyed it. I kind of like the will idea. I buy it. And it kind of makes the Billy thing more palatable.
hpgwbtvs - when Dracula is choking Dawn, it kinda looks like a glow is being reflected on Xander's face. But on second glance, it looks more the wall behind him.
PRetty decent story over-all. As for writing something in Vampyr in hopes of making it real, I find it literally impossible to believe that hadn't been tried several times before and thta at least soem of the results (or lack of same) are known parts of lore.
I don't see how; I think prior to the new seed, new rules paradigm writing something in the book would have just been... vandalism, really.
I'd like to know who had the ability to create such a powerful book in the first place. I would have thought the Watchers' Council would have kept it under lock and key and made a copy for the Slayer to use.
KingofCretins: That's why I said "tried;" unless the Council has been the only ones holding the book and by the time it was axctually written they were already, as the sayign goes, "very very English."*grin
I was gratified that they lampshaded that Dracula's plan was an entirely fallacious shot in the dark, it let me stay in the story -- the peril holds, it is dangerous enough that they don't have the Book of Shadows the Vampyr book to guide them without committing to more than an outside chance Dracula can actually do damage with it, even now.

I like the theory around that, if Anya is real and not hallucination, she may be the key to snapping Xander out of the thrall. Drac can only get into his head when he is down on himself, down in the dumps it seems. If she has a card to play that can put Humpty Dumpty back on the wall, he might be able to get the book back himself.
Finally have my copy of Buffy # 3,"New Rules Part III."

I keep this short.Greatyl enjoyed the issue.Loved the humor.I think Nick Brendon and Christos gage's writing was pretty seamless.There were a lot of moments I liked such as the buffy/Willow talk as well as Andrew wanting to be Dracula's manservant(and I'm not a fan of Andrew but did like that).Just like the last two issues,the wriing is still popping for me and RI is just as good.

All I'll say is on the Xander/Dawn front,poor Xander.

Not too thrilled with the idea of willing thigns into being the new rules of magic but we'll see where this goes.

Nice issue

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"Oh just tell the world. I donít even know you anymore."

One of the greatest line ever in Buffy.
That was some of the most authentically Whedon-fresh humor of recent memory in the 'verse. Don't know if that is the Gage factor or the Brendan factor as probably channeling the kind of stuff they would find comedy in on the show, but that could have been on TV, the lightning gag.
Quite possibly the most authentically-Buffy issue since the start of the canon continuation comics. I am very happy ^_^
yeah, lovely issue, just finished reading it and I have this huge smile on my face.
I finished it too. Loved it, but I am so worried for Xander. I wanted to wrap him in a big hug and say - "it's okay - we'll figure it out."

And Spike! Ouch! I'm really glad that he's still dead.

The mythological questions are not phasing me too much. I feel like they are just laying the ground work. It was a talky issue but sometimes that's needed. I was glad for it.

i loved Willow and Buffy's connection. So needed. I guess this means Willow will try to visit her girl in the other verse soon? I also loved that Dracula, who seemed like a low level joke villain, bested them all in the end. Never under estimate your villains there Scoobies! I kind of cheered Dracula in a way- the Scoobs, even Spike, were way too complacent.

And I'm with @AndrewCrossett, I want to know what who wrote the book? Where did it come from? I need mini!Giles exposition on it.

It's another issue that makes me really eager for the next one, so this season is working for me.
That was one of the best issues since the comic book series started. Cage always brings his A game, but I do think having Nicholas Brendon on board added something special to this issue.

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