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May 21 2014

Dallas Comic Con 2014 - Nathan Fillion Panel. Nathan Fillion shared some stories and answered some questions during his own, last-minute panel at this past weekend's convention in Dallas, Texas. Spoilers for the end of season 6 of Castle.

I love this man. I cannot wait to meet him next month at PhxCC. I can't wait to call him Captain.
I'm happy to say I got to be there and it was wonderful. I'm glad you all have such a good recording to enjoy as well. It is worth checking out. Nathan is awesome.

The Firefly panel was also great, if a little light on the actual Q&A in favor of banter (and some non-damaging staging collapse), I hope a recording of that surfaces as well.
@SuperScott - I linked to the Firefly panel earlier. Check the archives for this month and you'll find it.

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