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May 22 2014

Zap2it's wishlist for characters to appear on Agents of SHIELD Season 2. Some of them might actually be rather realistic.

Oh Star-Lord could totally appear - Chris Pratt would be fun to write for.

Cobie showing a big bet, Ron too if Coulson wants to yell some more/need a Dr soon - and I guess Agent 13 can drop by if she can find free time with her full-time job of revenging.

Tom is so kind he might be open to doing it just to shock and delight the fans but me thinks the PTB
I don't really care about the big movie stars showing up on AoS, but Chris Pratt would be a lot of fun indeed!

Also, they have name dropped Romanoff on the show so many times, I kinda think Scarlett Johansson could show up at some point...

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