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May 23 2014

Ranking Joss Whedon's most heartbreaking character deaths. Light hearted reading for a Saturday morning.

No Fred? No Tara? I would definitely rate them as equally heartbreaking as Joyce's death.
Yeah, it's a poorly written list. I think they even meant Coulson had the cards in his pocket which we all know is not true.
I applaud their idea of trying to have a representation from most of Joss' projects, but the list didn't work for me. Joyce, Fred, Tara, and Wash are at the top of my list.
I always thought Wesley's demise was one of the more heartbreaking inside (and out of) the 'verse.

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A friend and I had this discussion recently and agreed that Penny was at the top of our list of deaths we haven't gotten over. But that could change if she comes back in DH2.
Nope nope nope.

Wesley. Fred. Tara. Anya. Strangely,among the most haunting for me was Cassie Newton from Help.
Terrible List. Wouldn't have Cabin in the Woods there at all. Yeah, killing off the human race sucks but there was no attachment compared to others on the list (or mentioned here). Fun movie though. Plus, it the Evil League of Evil (not Villains).
I don't think characters who were brought back to life should reallly count even though their deaths felt tragic at the time. There are too many truly heartbreaking deaths of characters who didn't come back. You all above have listed a bunch of them. But there's still no mention of Jenny Calendar! That was both heartbreaking and transformative to the show overall in that we saw that a character, Angel, could descend to genuine evil.

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