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May 24 2014

Report: Drew Goddard has left Daredevil. This hasn't been the best two days for Marvel. Update The Hollywood Reporter says Steven S. DeKnight will take over Daredevil and indeed Marvel has confirmed it.

Hmmm... Wonder if this has anything to do with him working on Sinister Six.
If this is true,we probably won't know unitll after the holiday weekend.
I swear to God
Dammit, Hardison!
Mr Aargh will be greatly saddened by this information.

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I'm going to go with the theory that Drew Goddard has left to work on the Sinister Six. No harm, no foul. Perhaps his talents can boost the Spiderman franchise through the Sinister-movie.

Better yet, perhaps the suits and lawyers can get the Spiderman labels back into the Marvel Universe proper.
What is happening!?
I just read some wild speculation on another board.I really doubt this will happen but the speculation was Drew Goddard moving off Daredevil to direct Ant Man.Again just speculation and very doubtful but still a intereting idea.Probably more wishful thinking.

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I was gonna ask if that was a posibility. Goddard directing Ant man would make me very happy. Probably wishfull thinking, yeah, but i would love it.
Wow. I would much rather have Goddard on Daredevil than Ant-Man, but I do hope that's reason for the shift and not some massive upheaval going on at Marvel.
Yeah people on the web aren't reacting positively to this or the other, Marvel needs to make a reassuring statement... and suddenly I read this in Pepper's voice lol
There's no way that they would have creative differences with both Edgar Wright and Drew Goddard to the point that they stop working with both of them, and then get along like clams with James Gunn. I mean, Super has got to be one of the most abrasive movies I've ever seen, and if they're working with the guy who made that, then I don't know what Wright (or Goddard) could possibly do to chap their asses that much.
But Joss's tweet does seem to suggest that there are sides to be taken.
Edit: Apparently Steven S. DeKnight is in negotiations to take over the Daredevil series, while Goddard left to work on Sony's Sinister Six. Someone go ahead and make a headline or something. I think the source is Hollywood Reporter

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As much as I am bummed out about this, Steven De Knight is awesome too, so it's not a total disaster!
Was sad then just seen the news about Steven De Knight and I am delighted he has a new show!
Sad to see Drew go as I have no interest in the SonySpideyVerse, but am glad a fellow ME alum get's the vacant gig.
Boooooo!!! Yay!!!! I don't know how to feel right now.
If this is bad news, I'll be f@cking pissed. Hopefully, all these new shows will still kick f@cking @ss.

ETA, you like how I only kinda sweared?

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I'm down for DeKnight on this. I was sad about Goddard because of his affinity for the character, but then noticed he's still on as consultant. I partly wonder if it wasn't Goddard that suggested DeKnight to begin with.
Does anyone else love how the whedonverse writers are slowly infiltrating the Marvelverse?
It's like HYDRA, only they attack your feelings instead.
If theyre trying to kill my enthusiasm for their upcoming projects then they are succeeding.
Marvel has now confirmed DeKnight.

It sounds like Goddard will still be involved with Daredevil.He still wrote the first two episodes and is still a Executive Producer.My guess is that his Sinister Six gig is preventing him from directing the pilot and showrunning.

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What a PR nightmare this has turned into.
And yet in a year's time, no one will care.
@Trentaferd - I didn't feel that Joss's tweet necessarily suggested that there were sides to be taken. Even if the split was entirely mutual and as amicable as such a thing can be after most of a decade, one can still be disappointed that a project they've anticipated won't be going forward with the director they've been excited about.
PR Nightmare? Not in the real world

Mr & Mrs Media Consumer, who make up 99% of the revenue generating public, have absolutely no idea who Edgar Wright and Drew Goddard are. At this moment no one at Disney or Marvel is working furiously on recalculating anticipated grosses for Ant-Man, or how many episodes of Daredevil will get watched "opening night"

Yes, in the subculture that is the InterWebz there is great gnashing of teeth, because knee jerk reaction, along with an ironic distaste for "the man" is the rule of the jungle.

I would to have seen an EW Ant-Man. I also know Edgar's last two movies COMBINED (international included) will not gross what the X-Men movie does this weekend alone. I would liked to have seen Drew bring in Daredevil, but am very pleased to learn we'll get two scripts from him and his chiming in from time to time on course direction. Frankly, given the state of the Spideyverse - slipping grosses and critical disdain, Drew may have wished he stayed on board, but someone gives you a chance to direct you grab it.

As for Marvel - this summer alone their tent pole movies have been written by the guys who previously worked on an edgy sitcom, and a guy who worked for Troma. Never mind hiring talented but hardly commercially dominant people like Joss, RDJ, Branaugh, Faverau etc. I hardly think they need to spend a lot of time defending themselves for being cookie cutter in their thinking

Might be good to spend the rest of the Memorial Day weekend out grilling and tossing the Frisbee around - let the electronic waters calm a bit ..... sheesh
Nobody else bummed that this means Incursion isn't happening? I was really looking forward to that. But, I'm glad DeKnight is running a show again. He's my 2nd fave show runner after Joss.
Drew Goddard will do good work. Hopefully he will collaborate with Joss in the future. Maybe a Cabins 2 in the works, although I suppose that would need a new title, because of the cabin being crushed by a great big hand.
alber, it could be a *different* cabin. Although from what was implied at the end of the movie, it might have to be "Cabin in Another Planet's Woods" ...
This does make me sad--almost as much that Drew's stuck in this crappy Sony Spideyverse as the fact that he should be making my favorite superhero a cool show--but the DeKnight news is great. Have to say while I love Spaced and the early films, Scott Pilgrim and The World's End are far from perfect.
@electricspacegirl, I was so looking forward to Incursion! But it doesn't seem to be happening at the moment, anyway. I really hope it's just a temporary delay, and that if the Halo series does well, Starz will finally greenlight Incursion, too.

I'm slightly conflicted on Daredevil, but only slightly, because I love SDK's work so much, and I am keen to see his Daredevil, but I was also looking forward to seeing a TV series showrun by Drew.
Glad Drew's still involved in some way, even if it's not in a full director/showrunner capacity. If they're keeping his scripts, that's probably good (since I tend to like his writing), and if DeKnight is running in his place, that's not a bad second choice. He's very talented, and I especially loved his work on Angel (and it would seem, based on that, like he'd be a great fit for Daredevil, so it's all good).

Still Glad Drew is doing Sinister Six. First I heard of that project, I was like "Why?" (in spite of enjoying TASM, a villain-centric movie seemed like a desperate idea) and then I heard Drew would be doing it and I was like "oh, okay then, now I'm excited about it".

If there's any truth to the rumor that Drew might be taking over Ant-Man...I'd be cool with that. Still sad that Wright is off the project, but if Drew is on it, that'd be a good save on Marvel's part. Seems slightly unlikely, though, since a movie like that probably doesn't allow much more free time than a 13-episode series does. Unless they're just saving it for later.

Now...let's get Jane Espenson to write the She-Hulk 13-episode series, loosely based on Dan Slott's run, where she's working at the superhuman lawfirm of Goodman, Lieber, Kurtzberg & Holliway. I wanna see a courtroom crossover between Murdock and Walters.

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At least we already know he's replaced by someone talented.

Still waiting for the new Ant-Man director ...
Wow, Wright left Ant Man now?! Bummer! You'd think it's a little late to switch those gears now. I really hope they don't mess up ant man and daredevil. Marvel has a pretty good record so far for consistency in quality.

BTW, can someone please explain to me how a sinister six movie or series makes sense? I have to believe Drew would not be on board unless there was a decent premise...

[ edited by Squishy on 2014-05-25 14:52 ]
If I had the job of writing a Sinister Six movie, I'd basically do a superpowered version of Ocean's Eleven.
That might work, though i think there'd have to be more internal moral conflict than the oceans eleven characters. Either that or they could just embrace the darkness, like superhero versions of the sopranos.

[ edited by Squishy on 2014-05-25 16:19 ]
The first step to making a villain sympathetic is giving him an even bigger villain to fight. My first idea was Dr. Doom, with the entire nation of Latveria behind him. However, Fox has the Fantastic Four rights, so that's off the table. Too bad, I'd have loved to see them sneak into Castle Doom, then have Doc Connors try to remind Harry that they're *destroying* the doomsday device, not taking it for themselves. Oh well, I'm sure they'll find someone big enough in the Spidey cannon to give these guys a challenge.

The second step is giving at least a few of the characters a bit of a conscience. They already started that at the end of Amazing Spider-Man 1 when Doc Connors saved Spidey from falling off the building as he reverted back from being the Lizard. If he can be the voice of morality of the group, maybe he can at least talk Electro halfway back to sanity. Not all the way back, that wouldn't be any fun, but halfway back.

The third step is to give them an interesting goal. If they need to invade a country, Kraven can do it for the challenge, Rhino can do it for the opportunity to bust some heads, Connors can do it to get his hands on a cure, and Harry can go after the previously mentioned doomsday device. First they have conflicting goals that intersect, then there are double crosses and splitting into factions, then everything goes to hell and they re-unite. Half of what I liked about Thor 2 was looking for Loki's inevitable double cross. This could ramp that up to 11.

I'm slowly talking myself into liking the potential of this movie.
It would be cool if Drew, provided he has time in the future, heads up one of the other two unmanned Netflix shows. He definitely has the chops for someone like Iron Fist.
There have been a couple of series that have done the super-powered OCEAN'S 11 thing. One's called MODOK'S 11. Which, I have to say, if Drew were leaving DD to make MODOK'S 11, I would be MUCH more excited about this news because MODOK is awesome and that movie would be insane. The other comic is SUPER CROOKS by Mark Millar and involves a bunch of bad guys with powers ripping off the most powerful super-villain of all-time.
Murdock has been cast:

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