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March 18 2004

Frequently Asked Questions #3 at The latest Daniel Erenberg opinion piece deals with questions sent in by readers.

He hates doing research? I think this guy must be my polar opposite. Maybe that's why I don't like his stuff that much. Weren't there four hat tricks? And he left out a major one--Jonathan M. Woodward.

Also, I really liked "Beer Bad". I loved Cave Slayer, I loved seeing Xander in so many scenes, I loved the way Willow zapped stinky Parker man, and most of all I loved the ending with the guys locked in the car. Some yuppies are going to come back to their SUV and find either drunken, passed out frat guys or a bunch of cavemen in it. I love it! Oh, and Giles talking to the Stoned Guy.

Plus, his statement that he "doesn't get the logic and physics behind Black Frost" drives me nuts. I can't stand it when someone will suspend disbelief for a fantasy show and then look at one little aspect and say, "Oh, that would never happen!" So what, does he *understand* demons and vampires? Willow's magic spells?
I quite liked this article. At least it was a positive one.
I also thoroughly enjoyed "Beer Bad". I thought it was a very funny episode that wasn't meant to be taken seriously. I loved cave woman Buffy and thought she was so cute and loved it when she whacked Parker with the stick in the end!

Other than that disagreement with the author, I liked the rest of the article.
I liked Beer Bad and (though it wasn't mentioned, but is often derided) Doublemeat Palace. And the Nerd Trio are probably my all time favorite Buffy villains. I guess I'm a little strange.

As for Daniel, I always enjoy reading his articles because they're always extremely positive. He has a true love for the show. Hell, he's even defended Riley on occasion, and anyone who has the nerve to do that in a public forum deserves some respect.
Wow, some fellow "Beer Bad" likers. Every time I see the episode I start out thinking, okay, this time I'm going to find it lame because so many folks rate it amongst their lowest of Whedonverse stuff. I'm going to see the lameness this time. And each time, I end up enjoying the hell out of it. Willow's playing and then verbal slaying of Stinky Parker was magnificent. Xander giving the asinine preppy boys the wrong change was fabulous. Take that, you snot-nosed asses! "Beer Bad" was a great little social revenge piece, all in all.

And I agree that Erenberg's departure from suspension of disbelief over Black Frost makes no sense.

Ah well, at least he's a fervent fan of the show. You've got to give him credit for that. And MindPieces, I like "Doublemeat Palace," too. There's some great stuff in that episode. I honestly don't get why it is so generally disliked.
I like Beer Bad too. I loved Giles and Xander being afraid of Cave Slayer. Not to mention Buffy hitting Parker over the head with a stick...twice. Oh how we all hate Parker!
Ah, if only Spike had been around for Cave Buffy.....
I liked Beer Bad actually, although I wouldn't say its the best episode or anything. I have to say Double Meat Palace was THE WORST episode EVER!!! I could hardly watch it.
Beer Bad and Doublemeat Palace would both definitely be on my list of worst episodes, but I think I hated The Killer in Me the most...but even the episodes I disliked always had at least one good moment that made it worth watching.
Maybe it is the revenge fantasy portion of Beer Bad that I find so compelling. Who wouldn't love a chance to take a guy who has done you wrong, have him apologize, and then whack him on the head with a stick? Is it wrong of me to dream about such a thing?

As for Doublemeat Palace, any episode that gives me two of my favorite quotes that I use in day to day life("Variety is the spice of bad!" and "Repeat until insane.") isn't worth so much hate. That's one thing I love about the show, is that every single episode has at least a few memorable, stand-out moments. And who doesn't love a good phallic monster anyway? ;)
I only saw "Beer Bad" after having heard all the "'Beer Bad'? More like 'Beer, er, Really Bad'!" buzz surrounding it, but I enjoyed the episode for what it was--an entertaining, if inconsequential, stand-alone. Maybe
my expectations were just at a lower level than Buffy could ever reach (lesson learned), but I was all, "Now what was so wrong with that?"

And, not to get caught up in negativity, but while we're on the subject of least may seem unfair, being that it was a Season One episode, but assuming that I'm leaving all my slack in one piece here, I'd say that "I Robot, You Jane" is the only episode I've ever laughed at, along with the only line reading I've ever laughed at: When Xander is all So the Demon's in the Computer? and Buffy responds, sorta flatly, "And every computer connected to it by a modem..."

I don't was unintentionally funny.

Being in college now, i love Beer Bad, my friends recite "beer bad" and "parker bad" everytime we stare at another mindless college student and how they are spending their weekend. Doublemeat Palace was not so good. but i agree with the above, in each episode i hate there are at least a couple funny/pivotal/sad moments i like.
Yay, you folks are all the coolest! I forgot about Xander and the change--I love that part. Maybe the episode requires a familiarity with those type of guys in order to have a real appreciation for it. Has anyone ever heard Joss' opinion of it?
One of my favorite moments in 'Beer Bad' is one he doesn't like- when Buffy finally gets over Parker by hitting him over the head with a club. It's perfect.

There are 4 'hat tricks' as far as I'm aware of- the 4th is Jeff Ricketts. He played one of the wet-works watchers who was after Faith in seasons 4/1 of Buffy/Angel respectively, he played that Spider-demon thingy who was one of Jasmine's followers in the Angel episode 'Sacrifice,' and he's one of the blue-hand guys on Firefly.
There are two almost hat tricks. Besides Nathan Fillion, there's also Angie Hart (playing herself in CWDP and was the singing whore in "Heart of Gold). I think it would be cool to cast them in one of the remaining ANGEL episodes.
Wasn't it "nothing can defeat te penis!"? Speaking of bad episodes; I hated Go Fish, gawd I feel asleep during it and then I had to rewatch it and I was dying it was so boring, its only redeeming factor was Cordelia's speech. sorry; I dislike Speedoes, I believe they should be banned.
"Nothing can defeat the penis!"
I've always thought that line sounded dubbed.
It is a great line though.
I've always assumed it was dubbed intentionally. Almost like his dick was channeling through him. I loved that moment actually. I really liked that whole little scene among the three of them, it's one of the few moments that season where we just see the three of them hanging out alone and talking about life.

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