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May 26 2014

Cast of Agents of SHIELD speculates about Season 2 at Comicpalooza. The cast was on hand at Comicpalooza to talk to reflect on the past season of Agents of SHIELD and what may come to pass.

I changed the link to a video of the panel.
This has raised my mood a hundredfold this rainy Monday, after a long weekend of marking assignments and exams. From the depths of my childhood self, I love Lou Ferrigno, but J. August Richards and Ming-Na Wen run a close joint second!
Oof. Cringed hard at the friendzone stuff. But otherwise a fun panel.
I think when you get to "friendzone" or even Agent Ward, I think there's a disconnect between what was originally being written and what the critical reaction responded to.

Ward for example when I rewatched the scene where he jettisoned Fitz and Simmons, the part where he targets the dog almost looks tacked on like it was a reshoot or disconnected from the rest of the filming. Dalton himself says he thinks Ward's feelings of affection are genuine which seems to be they were writing one thing and the fanbase demanded something else. Because cruel as that jettisoning from the plane scene seems, the writer part of me says he could just have easily relayed the coordinates of where he jettisoned them to someone else. I think that might have been one of the original payoffs I don't think we'll see.

Dalton himself seems really, really disinterested in playing a flat bad guy and I'm not suprised since the nuance they definitely built in him would sort of have to get "blackwashed" away to serve that plotline. Add to that how even Paxton himself characterized Ward and you definitely get the impression flat "bad Ward" was not what they were going for nor was it what they were telling people to play on screen.

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That was a lot of fun. We'll be getting some amazing panels at the Philly comic con (David Boreanaz, Nathan Fillion, Eliza Dushku, James Marsters, Alan Tudyk, Sebastian Stan, Anthony Mackie), but not one soul from AoS.
This was fun. And I love how J. August Richards pulls his camera out to capture the great moments like any fan should!

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