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May 30 2014

Agents of SHIELD will return to Channel 4 for a second season. The finale airs tonight in the UK.

Quick poll: how many UK viewers haven't already seen it?
I haven't. Looking forward to it tonight.

Hope C4 picks up the Peggy Carter series, too, so it doesn't have the huge hiatus gap again. The series could have done with some promotion when it came back from that, as well.
Dang you guys are further behind (17 days ) than I thought. :(

Hopefully the split season will allow for an improved schedule next year with far fewer off weeks for y'all. One question; in the US Friday is not a good night for ratings. How so in the UK ?

In any case I hope you enjoy it. I did. Several times! :)
Hope C4 picks up the Peggy Carter series, too, so it doesn't have the huge hiatus gap again.

I was reading about the LA Screenings andthe possibility of the show getting picked up. TVWise said

Going in to the screenings, Marvelís Agent Carter was expected to be the hottest titled on Disney Media Distributionís slate. Ok, there was no pilot, but the 10-20 minute presentation that buyers saw gave enough of an idea of the concept. Even so, talk on Agent Carter, while still STRONG, is perhaps weaker than expected. There is no doubt this will sell, but the short 8 episode order, and the ratings issues that SHIELD faced last year. may be making buyers hesitant.

To answer the poll, I haven't seen it.
Temporary UK resident, and I haven't seen it. Looking forward to the episode in a little less than two hours.
I was worried they'd shunt it to E4 or More4, so this is encouraging. I suspect they will move to a pattern which relies less on US scheduling, though.

I saw it on Monday - a friend sent it to me as I'd been whining about missing it tonight. We're in France, on our way om holiday, which makes it tricky.
Woah, only eight episodes? Dang.
And probably still censored.

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