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May 30 2014

Josh Brolin cast as the voice of Thanos. He will voice the character ,first seen in the end credits scene of The Avengers, in "Guardians of the Galaxy" releasing in theaters on August 1st. Variety has also picked up the story.

Thanos will supposedly be the villain in Avengers 3 which Joss Whedon presumably/hopefully will direct.

Good casting call.
I approve of this, like my opinion matters. He's certainly talented, he already kinda looks like Thanos with that grumpy face and he can do a strong-sounding, menacing voice.
The Wrap is saying that Thanos is in AoU. Does anyone else think that movie is starting to get crowded.
I'm thinking Thanos will only have a small role in Age Of Ultron,most likely a post credits scene as setup for Phase 3 and Avengers 3.
I'm betting it'll just be a post-credits scene.
Great casting, so much better having him do this, and he was the best thing on that ill attempt to produce Jonah Hex as a motion picture.
Yeah, his involvement with A2 will be minimal, as it probably will be here. His involvement with that'll be fun. Assuming the Purple One is involved too, that is.
Not sure but I think Fox has the rights to the Purple One along with the F4.
Pretty sure Fox has no claim on Thanos - he's not a F4 baddie, he's not a mutant, and he already appeared in the Avengers without much threat of litigation.

As for Brolin, doesn't move the needle much for me in one direction or another. Hopefully Joss will be around for the Avengers movie where his real acting chops are required - I'm assuming his bits in GotG and AoU will be of the post-credit/cameo variety
Oops, I thought Purple One meant Galactus, who was (sort of-not really) in Fox's last F4 attempt.
Eh, Purple One = Joss, right?
When it comes to Marvel, "the purple one" is kinda vague. They have so many purple characters, one of them is actually named The Purple Man.
I'm pretty sure MrArg meant Joss. But I would be delighted if Joss had a cameo as the Purple Man. Doing a dance of something.
Ooooh, because Joss has his name in purple when he posts here. I'd forgotten about that.
This thread is funny.
Hmmm . . .

Josh Brolin plays Thanos and
Josh Brolin plays George W Bush and
you never see both of them at the same time and same place.

Hmmm . . .

I've got it !

Thanos is the mild mannered, secret identity of supervillain W.
I was wondering how Fox still owns the rights to Joss. I pictured him being chained to a Fox dungeon wall, only being let out for Avengers movies, but with a retracting cord tethered to his chains.
Any word i he will be in ultron?
>> I would be delighted if Joss had a cameo
>> Doing a dance of something.

Do the dance of excessive corporate profits!
RobynH, I think Steve Ballmer owns that dance.

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