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May 30 2014

Serenity and The Avengers feature in Empire Magazine's '301 Greatest Movies of all Time'. It's a readers poll and Serenity got voted the 90th Greatest Movie of all Time and The Avengers the 16th.

The full list can be found here.

Just watched Serenity again for the billionth time, this time with my newly minted Browncoat daughter. I think I'd place it a tad higher myself. But that probably goes without saying around here.
I feel that Serenity the Pilot of the tv series is better than both of those movies.
I think some of these movies defy comparison -- where else are "300" and "Bridge on the River Kwai" going to be right next to each other? -- so this seems rather silly. Pure popularity poll, nothing more. But I do have to say I like the winner. It's definitely not the best movie ever, but it's one of the best in the genre, and I'm glad to see it place so high out of pure nostalgia, if nothing else.
It's a bit hard to go wrong with a list of 301.... That said - :) - I like "Tangled" and "Mulan" more than "Frozen" when it comes to entertaining animation films ( I didn't see either in the list... ).. Also loved Robert Donat's "Goodbye Mr Chips"...

I saw Serenity multiple times in its cinema release... Enough said. :)

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