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May 31 2014

(SPOILER) Joss Whedon effusively praises 'The Girl With All The Gifts'. "The story of Melanie and the people around her is so thoughtfully crafted, so heartfelt, remorseless and painfully human, that it takes the potentially tired trope of...and makes it as fresh as it is terrifying".

"The story spirals towards a conclusion so surprising, so warm and yet so chilling, that it takes a moment to realize it's been earned since the first page, and even before. It left me sighing with envious joy, like I'd been simultaneously offered flowers and beaten at chess. A jewel."

Available now in the UK. June 10th in the US & Canada (except on Amazon as this is a Hachette title).

The writer is Mike (M.R.) Carey, writer of much brilliant brilliance, such as the Felix Castor UF book series, the Lucifer and Unwritten comic series, and much more.

This is an expansion of the short story "Iphigenia In Aulis" from the "An Apple for the Creature" anthology. That was quite very well done imho and so I'm super surprised and excited for this one. Pretty much everything about the story is some kind of a spoiler, but still, brilliant.

Don't trust me, trust in Joss, just look at that review!
So I just read Joss' blurb, then read the story description on the page and realized Joss just spoiled me if I ever plan on reading this book.

Also is this a novel or a graphic novel?

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Haven't read this book yet, but Joss's blurb makes me wonder if he's seen In the Flesh yet. I stumbled onto it thanks to a tweet Simon published sometime last year and it has been one of my very favourite things ever since.
Sorry eddy, I wish Joss had left out those few little words. His blurb worked wonderfully without them.

It's completely a novel, while Carey is best known for his comic work he has a bunch of prose novels and short stories too.

As said above, I've read the short story and the power and heart is with the characterization and fresh perspective, not with the genre or what you've been spoiled on. I really believe that it's worth it, even if you do know a little of what you're in for beforehand.

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My God, I just read the synopsis and I already can't wait to read it. Pre-ordering as soon as I can.
This sounds great and I have a gift card balance!

And I'd like to give kudos to @Risch22 for using the word "effusive."
With Joss and John Ajvide Lindqvist compliments I really wondered the book was about fangs...

Haven't read this book yet, but Joss's blurb makes me wonder if he's seen In the Flesh yet. I stumbled onto it thanks to a tweet Simon published sometime last year and it has been one of my very favourite things ever since.

There other recent great works in gender, as the French view in their myth, Les Revenants and Charlie Brooker's Dead Set.
Thank you very much hann23, I'm a fan of the word too. Since I was directly quoting Mr. Whedon himself then I felt a responsibility to try to employ some (hopefully) appropriate vocabulary.
Can't wait to read this. Why can't I have it now!?

ETA, apparently you can get a free extended preview for kindle on Amazon.

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I am rereading(it came out in hard back in the UK a while back)it at the moment it's a true whedonesque
Novel that is all I will say about the book(so good)
Can I be the first to say joss should direct the movie
Just purchased the hardback this morning. I'm looking forward to reading it. I take a Joss-endorsement pretty seriously--and I was looking for something non-work-related to read, anyway.
When the opening section of this book went on line I devoured it like a yummy brain. Must. Read. More.
It's a Hachette book, so you can't pre-order it on Amazon. And it will probably be several weeks' wait to get it even after it comes out.

Looks like I'll be getting my books at Barnes & Noble from now on, just like in olden days.

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I'm definitely going to read this, but I don't want to read the extended preview. If I really like it, waiting for the rest of it to come out will drive me crazy. Yes, I binge.
Adding to my must read list, glad I found an ebook version, available for pre-order, as I'm slowly migrating to ebooks.
So, I had just listened the 13 Hours of the audiobook version. Briefly, it is a mix of thr game The Last of Us, the movie Omega Man and the British Tv Show Survivors.
Ahead spoilers:

My note: 6/10
It could really work better in an abrigged version (maybe a movie), but lets not spent Joss' time directing it.
I read this one last month and loved it! It's an excellent read and surprised me a lot as I really didn't know what the book was about when I began it.
The main link's been redacted for the spoiler averse, but the whole quote is available over here.
The book came in for me at the library and I couldn't remember why I'd ordered it until I saw Joss's praise on the cover.
What a well written book! And because I was coming to it without remembering anything about it, it was only afterwards that I realized it was about . The characters are so riveting and true, that is what I was focusing on. Highly recommended.

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