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June 02 2014

Firefly nod in documentation for new Swift programming language. Apple released a new programming language today. Their documentation example for how to use arrays? Occupation list for Mal, Kaylee and Jayne (public relations, of course).

That's great. I love it when my two world's collide.
This fills me with so much happiness! Thanks for the link, RayHill.
I laughed out loud when I started reading the book and came across that code.
occupations["me"] = "Operative" // I only do it for the cool sword
I'm so sorry to hijack this thread as my comment has nothing to do with this headline but I have to share it anyway. It's about sharing Firefly/Serenity.

Last Saturday I came out of shopping at Michaels to find a full page note on my car. I immediately got worried and looked around. What, had someone hit my car and left name and insurance info?

No, happily it was just a note saying "You can't stop the signal". You see, I have a Serenity decal in my back window and my license plate says BRNCOAT. It made me so happy that it's still being shared and loved. I read that note and sat down and cried.

So, whomever you are, know that you made my millennium.
madmolly, it wasn't me -- but I once left a note on a Browncoat's car that said, "Your car is shiny!"
I'm still proud that if you view source on and scroll all the way to the bottom, it still says "Keep Flying" in the comments.
This is hilarious
What's funny is I saw that reference like 10 minutes after the book was out and thought "good on ya" but it never occurred to me to post here about it. How did my brain even learn human speech?

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