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June 03 2014

First review for the supernatural comedy 'Spooked' (produced by Felicia Day). The show premieres tomorrow on Hulu and YouTube, and guest-stars a collection of notable Whedonverse Alumni.

Felicia also has a great vlog entry on her personal YouTube channel where she describes her role as Producer, and the year-long journey that went into the making of the show.

Nice to see this get a positive review! I've had it on my calendar for quite some time.
The only Whedon name I get was Dichen Lachman.
It vaguely rembles, to me, the Brit show Ghostwatch. But there are bigger similarites with the names of the Anita Blake series, where the police departmet is named RPIT and public called "Spook Squad".
Ashley Johnson was on Dollhouse and in the Avengers. Tom Lenk is in it as well.
Thanks, Jelly.
I didn't knew who was Ashley Johnson, who, according to IMDB also was in Much Ado and is Gwen in the english dubbing of Ben 10. But, Tom wasn't credited in the review. He is listed in IMDB, however.
Can't wait. Do I have to pay for Hulu to see this?


Answered my own question. Somehow I have access. I just did a quiz to avoid commercials too but had to shut down to go over homework. I wonder if I'll have to retake.

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Just watched it and kind of loved it. Some great moments, can't wait for more episodes!

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